food for thought. more recipes!

grilled cilantro lime shrimp: was a big hit with the shrimp eaters. i'm not a huge shrimp fan. i did try a bite. the flavor was good. i just don't like the consistency of shrimp!

asian flank steak skewers: so good. a bit salty. darn soy sauce. in the future, i'll be buying reduced sodium soy sauce. yes, i'm aware that makes me like 73. whatever. ;) but was a big hit. even with the non steak fans.

crock pot buffalo chicken lettuce wraps: yum. and make her dressing. i didn't go all fat free, just saying!

broccoli cheese and bacon soup: really good. i cheated and used precooked bacon. served it with pretzel rolls. yum.

one pot creamy chicken and noodles: meh. i added more noodles. about 2/3 of the box. still needs more flavor. will up the spices if i make it again. oh and the directions don't mention cubing the chicken first. i did...

thai peanut chicken and ramen soup: phew that's a mouthful.  was yummy. weird ingredients, but i gave it a go. followed the recipe exactly. came out kinda stoupy. maybe only needs three packages of noodles? nick was a huge fan. yay!

crock pot manicotti. no link. can't find it. make as usual and place in greased slow cooker. {some sauce on bottom and on top. cook on high for 2 hours.} was too rubbery for my liking. might as well put in the oven!

salami/pepperoncini wraps: did some whole peppers and some slices. they were tasty! a good addition to our usual ham and pickle wraps.

apple pie fries: mine did not look as cute as they do in the picture! added some cinnamon to the sugar sprinkle on top. got thumbs up from all that ate them, i didn't even try one!

caramel apple pie cocktail: so good.

pineapple upside down cocktail: had these as a shot at a friend's house over the holiday. searched and found this recipe to make a drink so i could sip the deliciousness all night! we used vanilla vodka instead of the cake flavored one.

5 ingredient broccoli cheese soup: would have been better if it didn't curdle. that's what happens when you're trying to cook and take care of the kids! oh and i didn't measure chicken stock. just threw in two cans. and i used kraft finely shredded cheese.

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