ten on tuesday 1/14/14

- i suck. last week really threw a weather fork in my plans. i was all out of sorts. and then last night, nick didn't play volleyball and amelia fell asleep at 630pm. i didn't know what to do! i will get on track.

- just watched my first episode of orange is the new black. obsessed.

- ben wants to marry baby. so cute.

- ben was 'playing' football in the house during one of the playoff games. he kept saying it was bears against peckers. ha! he meant packers.

- purchased an add on item from amazon. it didn't ship with the rest of the order. so my order came in two packages. doesn't that defeat the purpose?

- am grateful for my new iphone. thank goodness for warranties and husbands who took care of it. my battery was jumping from like 50% to 23% when i turned it on. i forgot what it was like to have a phone that held a charge!

- nick did a home improvement project already this year! rain gutter bookshelf next to ben's top bunk, so he didn't have to sleep with a million books in his bed.

- i think my force counts when i rock melie and when i play with her and raise my arms. i had almost 4,000 steps by 9am. i spent about 30-45 minutes rocking her last night... when she woke up at 2am after falling asleep at 630!

- my coworker kills me. today she said the computer says i'm 'o-beast.' um, i think you mean obese.

- i think this four day work week is going to kill me! haven't done it in like a month thanks to holidays and chiberia!

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Liz Goldhawk said...

I haven't been able to finish Allegiant yet either... it's still taunting me on my Currently Reading list on Goodreads... I just can't do it. Not sure why.