wip 11.13.10

sick day for ben and me. ben's actually feeling much better, just snotty. which isn't really anything new. me not so much.

i suck it up and go to the game. we have a blast. albiet a wet and windy good time. ;) we're gonna be sad when my cousin graduates and my aunt and uncle no longer have season tickets!

oh and all pictures are taken on my trusty new waterproof camera. so happy i was smart enough to bring it instead of my regular point and shoot.

of course, the obligatory wind farm picture. what can i say, i'm obsessed! not the greatest picture, but i still love those em!

entering the stadium.

is it me or is the band's formation a little sexual?

had a fly over in honors of veteran's day.

the 'dry' self portrait.

dumbass forgot a hood....

loved all the different purdue rain gear.

the 'wet' self photo. and yes, drew brees is sitting behind us. 

nice and toasty in all my layers. 

the guy holding the american flag is neil armstrong. purdue's most famous alum. and here i thought it was drew or bob griese or matt light or mike alstott. 

nick yelling at me for walking on my pants almost the entire way home and my smarty pants response.

oh and this is where i lose my voice. it's not gone, gone yet. but working on it... i blame purdue for playing such a terrible game. seriously, i thought i was watching the bears for a while.

ended up back at my cousin's place and grilled for a bit. then we headed home to see benjamin.

um, my voice is gone. like gone. i squeak. it's pathetic. ben has no clue what to think and nick's in heaven!

i took no pictures. nick wouldn't let me when ben ate the cat treat. it was hysterical. was trying to feed orbit some snackies and had one left over. so i guess beaner thought he should give it a go. lemme just say he was not a fan.

had a fun time at volleyball trying to communicate with my team mates. they thought it was hysterical. i think they are jerks. ;-)

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Kache said...

Ok the band formation is funny!
Hope you have your voice back now and I guess that'll be the last cat treat for Ben.