catch up.

hoping this is the last darn post to catch up on the wips.
i'm such a bad blogger. i should have a routine...

so the weekend of the 23rd.
i took very few pictures. and now that i'm looking at the photo challenge blog, i see that i had to share a picture from the 23rd, so i'm saving the pictures to ensure that i don't duplicate them in posts.
had a nice weekend tho!
friday: was girls night at coopershawk. yum. can't wait to go back for couples night!
saturday: were originally going to go hiking but weather kinda changed our plans. so we lounged around and then headed to my cousin's birthday party.
sunday: i'm sure was laziness followed by volleyball. a double header i believe.

then there's the past weekend. halloween weekend!
i love halloween. there's just something about the wee ones all dressed up. and the haunted houses. and candy. and i could go on and on!

ben's daycare halloween party.
i didn't take any pictures of us trick or treating from room to room. too chaotic for that!
did take some when we got back to the room. they gave the kids rolls of toilet paper to play with. i guess the older kids use it to play mummy. however, these little guys just had fun. took ben a while to get the hang of it and i'm happy to say that he hasn't tried to 'play mummy' with our toilet paper!

then he enjoyed his munchkin. 

i stayed a bit after that and let him play with everyone. then we went to see daddy at work and then stopped by mommy's work too.

ran some errands. then mommy and daddy had couple's night. dinner at bistro 157 followed by a haunted house. late night with lots of laughs and liquor! ;-)

lazy day. finally had a chance for ben to decorate his pumpkin.

isn't it beautiful?

then we took naps. ben's was four hours. nick's was 2 and mine was about an hour!
when ben finally woke up, he didn't want to wear his pants. so i put my socks on him and i'm pretty sure 15 years from now he's gonna wish he wore his pants, so i wouldn't have this awesome picture.

then it was costume time.
i LOVE his costume. seriously. i might make him randomly wear it just because he's so darn cute in it!!!

family photo.
{i should teach my mom how to zoom, maybe i should crop it. oh well...}

this one cracks me up.

we didn't make ben trick or treat.  he just wanted to hang out and say hi and bye bye to everyone. at one point, he decided to go with a group of trick or treaters who came to the house. he took off down the sidewalk and driveway with them. was hilarious. he then proceeded to walk back and forth between our house and the neighbor's house.

i swear, nick is near him in the bottom picture. it's hard to see with the mob of people.

we gave up and came in about 615. it was just too darn cold!

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psucolleen said...

When you mentioned the other night that Ben was going to be a monster, I made a mental note to be sure to visit your blog to see pictures. (I should really do this visiting thing more often; sorry I've strayed!) He's so stinkin' cute! Love it! I totally cracked up at him in your socks, too!