18 on the 18th.

because i'm a complete moron and have completely forgot about these the past few months....

- ben is an eating machine. seriously, the boy eats non stop when we're home lately. it's insane.
- i'm in a purging mode and it feels awesome.
- find this completely insane. and apparently, purdue has a team. really want to see a game or practice!
- completely organized all of my 'to try' recipes. love the system. hoping i can keep it up.
- got into a rut with christmas shopping. i'm back now!
- we got a new printer/scanner and i can't figure out how to use the blasted thing and i have deadlines!
- i'm kinda getting sick of couponing. it's a lot of work and i think the coupons are multiplying!
- ordered almost 3,000 pictures from walgreens. yes, 3,000. got a killer deal and i'm still not up to date on my pictures. sigh. {see previous post!}
- am really wanting to watch superbad again.
- beaner is almost growing out of his 18 mos tops. still swimming in the bottoms, but we'll get there. {he's almost 20 mos!} and it's saving us money, right?
- really wishes people knew how to spell. soar does not equal sore. nor does hugh equal huge. literacy is quite cool people. you should check it out.
- nick found these while we were grocery shopping. totally reminds me of easter.
- thankful that nick's mri was negative. so that's good and bad, since it means no surgery but we don't know why he's having pain...
- loves that the only tv ben will watch is sportscenter or sports of some sort. preferably football or basketball.
- woohoo almost normal voice! only took four days!
- had a blast at the rafting 'reunion' dinner. always so great to hang with peeps that make me happy. even if i'm exhausted and ben is exhausted! totally worth the memories.
- was thrilled that when nick got off work early tuesday, he came home and steam cleaned the carpet in our living room. love that he helps around the house. and clean house = happy shan!
- pw is/was on throwdown! can't wait to watch the episode. love her and love bobby flay!


Carrie said...

We watched the Throwdown on Wednesday night. Pretty cool. Steve wants me to find the brussel sprout receipe.

Kache said...

3000 pictures??
I agree with the coupons. I went for about 2 years and stopped...now it's kinda sounding good again :)