never thought i would own one...
but nick surprised me with an early mother's day gift. i think he has alterior motives and wants one for dad's day... whatever!
seems really freaking neat! already downloaded a few books. now i just have to finish up the one i was reading!
and i'm super excited to search etsy for a cute holder. can't decide if i want a sleeve or a book-ish one.
anyone have any kindle tips? must reads? must have accesories?

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Anonymous said...

I cant say enough good stuff about my Kindle.I love it.Sometimes I wish I would have gotten the dx,but a friend has it and it just does'nt feel right in my hands maybe I'm just to use to the kindle 2. I have different covers for mine and a holder for my purse.I always sample the books first even if I know I'm going to buy it.Amazon is the best.I order alot from them A great company.Happy Kindling Michelle