i want one.
a container garden to be more specific.
well actually i guess it's a garden box. but that doesn't sound as cute.

i have been telling nick we needed a garden for years. i'm a bit lazy and my thumbs are kinda brown, so we both kinda laughed it off. but we've been watching jamie oliver's food revolution and i think that it has convinced nick that this is a good thing. that we can teach ben about fruits and veggies. {or veg as jamie would call it.} and eat healthier. and live a little greener...

thinking we are going to start small this year. found this on pw's site. and nick has a new project! hoping it'll keep the pesky bunnies out! and thinking we can add another one next year if all goes well. now we have to figure out what to plant!

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Margaret said...

I tried a garden last year. The bunnies and squirrels got everything. I was pretty mad.