i remembered!

it's time for 12 on the 12th!

- i orginally forgot and had a whole other post done. {that will now be edited and shared tomorrow! oops.}
- am in love with this weather.
- we have one of ben's outdoor activities together. working on the table next!
- coco has a new show! debated his comedy tour. i know that we're gonna regret not going but that's okay!
- have booked our first weekend getaway without ben. thank you to the future mr. and mrs. mclaughlin! and thank you to the grandparents for tag team babysitting!
- got another pair of butt shoes! wore them for the first time today and they are completely different from the ones i wear at work!
- just watched nick kill a fly with his hand. now he thinks he is a ninja...
- nick had smoothie king for the first time today. LOVED it. i am trying not to go because i'm afraid i'll get addicted.
- am really wishing my thumbs were greener...
- how badass is this sculpture?
- ran out of margarita mix this weekend. how does that happen!?!
- is needing to find some scrap mojo. got my goodie package from rsc this weekend... i think i am afraid to get my room dirty now that it's all cleaned up!!

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Carrie said...

Lake Lawn is beautiful!! My sister in law had her wedding there many years ago. When are you going and what will you be doing while in my lovely state?

Have fun!


p.s. you'll only be about an hour away from me :)