now let me preface this by saying this is not the best picture.
and i'm not gonna mention who did it... wasn't nick or myself. honest.
but someone dressed my kid like this.

i don't mind the mismatched outfit. nope. i mean hopefully ben will dress himself and pick out all kinds of crazy combinations. so i'm gonna get used to it now.
the part that concerns me is the tail. yes, tail. really. who would put the tail over his peen? really. i had no clue what to say when i saw this. none. and there is a tag there too! maybe they didn't notice when they dressed him. but if you looked at him at some point you have to think that the tail on the crotch really wasn't right. don't you?

and i know ben is going to be so excited that his mommy documented all this crazy stories when he was younger. ;o)

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Lisa said...

LMAO! And judging by the gesture little Ben is making, he didn't appreciate the tail on his crotch either!!