get it.
the hives are still here. stayed home with ben today.
had hives when he woke up. doc said give him benadryl. nick had to run to walgreens before work so we could give beaner a dose. thankfully, that was all he's needed today.
woke up from two naps with red splotches.
have to call pedi in the am and we're gonna give him some more amoxicillin with the benadryl and kiddie steroids on standby.
thinking it cannot be med related since he's still having hives/redness and hasn't had a dose of it for over 24 hours now.
who knows!
here's a fun video for you. still can't figure out the hd camera and uploading. and i can't rotate the damn videos either. so you are stuck with one of the four i took today. wah.
okay. maybe i'll share a rotated one too. just turn your head to the side and pretend it's normal. ;o)

and pretend it's the right direction...


Carrie said...

Videos are adorable!!

Susan said...

that's some fancy jumper...ours used to hang from a giant spring in the doorway, no music or toys...they loved when i would prop a mirror in front of it so they could see themselves