i did it.

-i uploaded pictures. have had some on my camera for over 3 months. that's serious. need to print some. also need to find the rebel. it's around here somewhere. been attached to the point and shoot for convenience.
-thinking i'm going to do a first twenty weeks in review, next week. so no belly pics. not that they are the greatest. i am sooo not photogenic.
-thinking about sharing the bloggie with the fam. undecided. thinking it might be the way to go for friends and family i might not see/talk to all the time. a way for them to check on us and the kidlet to be.
-remodeling starts tuesday. must remember to take before and after pictures of the downstairs. bought stuff for baby bean's closet. should be cool. love that nick wants to do house projects.
-found kick ass magnetic paint. knew there was chalkboard stuff out there. went to get that for a bookshelf for baby's room, stumbled across the magnetic primer. so a coat of that will be on the shelf as well.
-working out details of the shower. it's all booked. registries are almost complete. found invitations. just have to get the list of invites and figure out how many to order. meeting with the cake, ahem, cupcake lady this week.
-and now some pictures, since my blog has been a bit naked.... just something i found hilarious over the summer. so convenient to be missing those first letters. totally made me giggle.


Brandy said...

Losers...hey, I'm qualified!! Love sandwich and bubbles too

Heather said...

rofl! love it! and love me some magnetic paint too- I've had a bucket in the garage fureva meaning to use it- have fun!

KJ said...

I have magnetic paint that I've never used sitting in my scrap room! That stuff is heavy! i want to see how you use it, k?

Ok, i just about pee'd my pants laughing at the sign!