been a rough week. well, the first few days for sure. we did nothing over the weekend. i just needed some down time. felt like i had been so overwhelmed and so busy the last few weeks i needed to recouperate.
watched lots of movies:
iron man. awesomeness. didn't expect much. nick bought it on blu-ray. was quite entertaining. and robert downey jr. isn't bad to look at...
the love guru. lame. jt was the best damn part of the movie. he was hilarious. if you're a fan of his, the movie just may be worth watching.
sex and the city. sooo good. i so miss the tv show. makes me want to watch all of the seasons, again! don't want to ruin it for anyone who might want to see it but hasn't... the charlotte part. in mexico. hilarious.
21. pretty good. had a twist on the ending that i wasn't expecting. you know you expect the twist and there is one, but it's just a bit different that what you were anticipating. anywho. decent flick.
told nick i felt guilty because i thought it was nice to not have to worry about guinness. his overexcitement, his growliness. cried over that. he kindly reminded me that we didn't put him to sleep because he bothered us. but because he was a danger. bless him. my rock. really don't know what i would do without him.
the cats are enjoying his abscence. ate through a whole bag of treats one night. woke up to a nice mess of chewed bag pieces through out the house. nibbles even ate through the newly purchased loaf of bread. wrap and all. only took her like 2 minutes. nick went to answer the phone before putting away the groceries. maybe she's trying to get us ready for parenthood?
starting to freak out about this kidlet thing now that i don't have all the other distractions hanging over my/our head{s}.
been feeling better pregnancy wise i think. i know i still owe pictures. must work on that... i apologize. sleeping less. still napping now and then but it's much, much better. the nausea is pretty much gone. sure there are some mornings where i dispise the toothbrush. and had a bad incident with some vitamins the other night. i think it was monday. our normal routine is to eat dinner then chill and watch monday night football. well, i passed out. as usual. and nick stayed up playing some video game. he woke me up to go upstairs around 1am. normally it's 1030. i took the vitamins and hauled my half asleep self to bed. got my teeth brushed, changed, and all that other fun night time stuff. laid in bed and thought i would throw up right there. nick heard me doing the whole swallowing thing and freaked. couldn't figure out what i wasn't moving. um, because i couldn't! i think he actually yelled for me to get out of bed. was quite funny even as i felt so nauseated. he hauled his bootay into the other bathroom to grab the garbage can and i was able to make a mad dash to the toilet. learned my lesson. must have food more recently than 7 hours when taking vitamins. will not let that happen again!
work has been busy but good. a few of the patients now know my secret. they are so cute. don't think i can keep it a secret for much longer. all the eating comments, and the fact that my scrub jacket hardly buttons thanks to the girls and the belly! pictures... soon!
finally were able to share the news with my godparents. called their son in houston to share the news with him too. was a nice night. late. but good. have another date night with them this week.
as for the weekend.
just watched you don't mess with the zohan. better than i thought it would be.
might tackle the carpet this weekend or the garage. or the closets. have lots of options. nick is nesting. it's awesome. he's cleaned two cabinets and went on a kick throughout the house one night. soo funny. he denied it was nesting. but we all know the truth. ;o)


Monica said...

glad to hear you're feeling better!

Kache said...

Sorry about the puking :(

It'll take some time, but I'm glad to hear you're both helping each other get through it.

KJ said...

I just spied Iron Man at my parent's house and wanted to borrow it!

Thanks for the reviews of the other movies, too.

Nick nesting....that's funny.

Glad you're starting to feel better!