decapitated lamp post.

um, so i get a phone call from nick today. {we were having some killer storms}
he tells me we have no power, the house is okay, but our lamp post cracked in half? wha? how does that work? well, silly shan forgot pics. but thinks this is a totally blog worthy topic.
everyone in our neighborhood has a lamp post in their yard. all in the same spot. you know, the ones that dumbledore used the puter outer on in harry potter? well, the lamp part just cracked right off. exposed wires and all. lots of shattered glass in the grass. fun times.
our neighbors had their trampoline take out their uber expensive fence. the storm snapped another neighbor's swing set in half. down the road it looks like some tree took off some gutters and part of a house. crazy. i hope everyone is okay. nick took a walk with guinness before i got home and said most of the houses were fine, just lots of damaged trees and shrubs.
rumor has it there were serious pieces of hall as well.
we were powerless for a few hours which is crazy because this is the first time in the 5+ years that we have lived here that we have lost power.
thankful that it's back on before the heat comes back. no thank you 90 degrees and humid with no heat.
{thinking i'll have that vacation recap finished up this weekend... i hope!}


Laura Vigliarolo said...

Sorry about the lamp post,just take the lamp post out it will get in the way of kids playing in the yard anyway. I had to take ours out before someone got hurt.

Kache said...

I bet Dumbledore did it.
But I have no explanation for the killer trampoline.

Monica said...

wow, sounds like some storm. glad the damage wasn't worse.

KJ said...

Whoa. Glad there was no major damage.