an excuse

as for why i've been mia.

Red Alert !!!

This is Puzzo Regional head of the FARC NETWORK. I wish to let you
know that i have been paid by a client to assassinate you at
convenience, and i have signed a contract for this yesterday. I have
never met you before, but they gave me the full description of your
identity and contact which my boys have used to trace you.

The reason why they want you Dead was not disclosed to me as i was not
allowed to know, but you are now not better that the dead ok.

My GUYS are now constantly watching you, they are following everywhere
they are waiting for my instruction to terminate you and they will strike at

LISTEN VERY WELL !!!, the Police cannot do much to help you and don't
even bother to inform them cos it will only worsen and complicate things
because you are being watched, any such attempt is very risky cause
you will push us to terminate your life without option.

Note****** Your calls are not still safe.


kidding. but don't you just love spam. ;o)
i swear, i've had like 30 birthdays in 30 days not to mention a few weddings and some other random events.
hoping august slows down a bit for us!!


Kache said...

terminate your life without option, well that sucks. :)

love the scenery pics, the buildings for some of hese wineries are awesome. and I hate not being able to see my pictures in the little screen when it's sunny, I feel your pain.

Brandy said...

that's mean spam. i'd burst into tears possibly and stuff COS that's very risky. learn proper grammar and spelling before you threaten to terminate me!