stuck to my couch.

engrossed in the olympics.
still lots on the plate and maybe one freaking day, i'll upload the final batch of california pics. seriously, i suck.
the olympics are my favorite. love just lounging with nick and fat dog and doing nothing but staring at the tv. nice change of pace from the crazy schedule we've been keeping.
laughing my patooty off at the previews for this new tv show.
so gonna tivo this one.
kath and kim
think it appeals to me in the same way that my name is earl does!


KJ said...

Some girls at work were talking about this show...sounds like one I'm going to DVR'ing, too!

Brandy said...

i know, it is oddly alluring even though i loathe those two actresses on their own. i am shocked at how popular the olympics are, but i'm stuck too