i can't.

take it any more.
work is kicking my ass. have had lots going on. two of my coworkers are no longer working with us and one's mom passed away last week. so three peeps short. makes for lots of overtime, but tired shan.
really hoping things settle down soon. not sure that will happen at work... but i mean our extracurricular activites. i'm so hibernating one of these days. or maybe wishing our vacation would appear sooner!
a bit overwhelmed. lots of scrappies to do and lots of distractions. nick has been uber great. totally doing lots with pup. so lucky to have him.
so there you have it in a nutshell... no posts since i'm brain dead after lots of 10 hours days...
hoping to return to normalcy soon.

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Kache said...

Yuck too much work. Hope you're able to hide away soon!