a bunch of randomness...

the post title was gonna be: johnny depp, gas leaks, thunder and snowstorms. i think that was it. let's see..

-right now there is snow on the ground. a bit. and it's thundering and lightening while sleeting. what?
-for a while, nick and i have smelled gas on and off by our stove. well, we found the leak. a cracked valve. mr. fix it, worked his magic. only after thinking he turned the gas off and filling our home with such a lovely smell. but yay, it's fixed. and i was able to make carmen's fantastic french toast casserole for our work potluck today!
-johnny depp is in my neighborhood. it's true. dillinger movie. <--click for deets. one of my coworkers 'met' him. he held her hands as she couldn't think of a word to say. apparently, she is a ginormo fan. he always seemed so cool and down to earth. good to know he is. -we knew it would happen, guinness busted through our screen door yesterday. was hilarious! pulled the screen shut due to above mentioned gas mishap. he was totally chillin. digging just being able to smell the fresh air. then nick walks over and pulls the glass door open a bit more. apparently, guinnea pig thought he opened the other door. straight through. looked back a bit confused. not sure why he met some resistance. nick says it's fixable. just have to tuck it back into the frame. i'm voting new screen. we'll see. -enjoying some normalcy at work. one of the docs is away. makes for less patients, less stress, and some really nice days. the mayhem will ensue monday. -looking forward to the weekend. nothing planned. i'm sure that will change... but hopefully, we won't do too much. -new issue of rsc is almost ready. there's an early bird special. check it out!
-and last but not least... new byom kit in the house! so, so fun! off to play!


Heather said...

crackin' up at Guinness... and very jealous of the kit! can't wait for mine! make good stuff!

Kache said...

poor doggy, too funny

wish I had been there to hold johnny's hand!