nick's it.

poor boy caught my bug.
hoping he's cleared up for the new year's festivities.

christmas was a whirlwind. only took one picture and that was of nick and myself after it was all over! phew. and boy do i look tired in it. shoot. i lied. nick took some of his family, so his uncle could turn everyone into elves. he did the four brothers and it cracks me up!
did six christmases in three days. kinda glad to come back to work and not have to travel and visit. six christmases is a bit much... even more so when sick. thankfully, nick let me sleep on all of our travels.

looking forward to this weekend. rearranging the schedule so we have to do as little as possible.
finally got the details worked out for nye. have a taxi bus bringing us home! cheaper than a limo, totally game for that!

k. back to work i go....


perfect timing.

the title is so loaded with sarcasm.
i am sick.
taking ibuprogin and sudafed like a champ.
been napping in between baking and packing and cooking.
hope it's 24 hour thing. so don't do holidays well when sick.
good news. i am officially done with shopping and wrapping. have one last minute gift i'm going to make. weren't going to exchange with nick's sister. decided last minute to give a babysitting coupon. nothing big, but still. {don't think any family reads this, so i should be safe revealing that!}
had a change in holiday plans. added a party to tonight. might stop by for a bit since i'm sick. really want to go even if it is only for an hour. have a get together tomorrow evening after the indy trip. really hoping the weather cooperates.
off to nap again...


i'll pass.

so i'm driving home from work and notice a sign at a local gas station. well, their main billboard for advertisements.
i had to read it twice.
dude. if you have to advertise your hotdogs are a bit iffy. i'm not having one.
haven't they heard of bogo?
tried to nab a picture but it was a bit blurry since it took me a bit to figure out what they were trying to advertise! maybe i can think extra hard about it tomorrow and do a quick drive by....


baby, it's cold outside.

so obviously, papa pressner had to put his pup in a scarf!
he really didn't wear it out of the house. i promise.
had a blast in this snow. prancing like a little fool. cracked me up! even got stuck in a snow bank. hilarious. so glad he was able to enjoy it minus the conehead.
have been a busy elf. have all of my christmas shopping done and wrapped. well, almost. just need about 5 gift cards. figure that's easy peasy stuff. hoping to grab those on wednesday.
had two work parties for nicholas this past week. went downtown {aka chicago} during the week. ate at carnivale. excellent food. pricey as heck. also had some tasty drinks. then we went to one of his doc's saturday. braved the crazy snow for her. had a good time. excellent food. great beverage. i guess that's the way to my heart. ;o)
started my baking. made some oatmeal scotchies. nummers. also did these tasty lil tidbits. my recipe was a wee bit varied from the one posted... but i'm sure it works just as well. also wanna make those fantabulous oatmeal white chocolate cherry ones. my fil's new fav. must give him a few with his gift.
trying to plan a weird relish tray for the pressner family get together in indy this weekend. nick requested the ham wrapped pickles. so i think i'm gonna make my green olive dip and then stuff some black olives with cream cheese and maybe some green ones with blue cheese. oh and maybe do a quick olive tamponade. hmmm. sounds salty! will take some of my cookie exchange goods as well.
k. off to pay bills and wrap the last present we picked up today....
leave you with a guinness in the snow pic. might be a new fav.


little miss hybrid.

that is officially the name of my car. nick came up with it on our way home with her friday night. so happy to have her back! the leather seats look nice and the heated seats mean my butt is happy!
was a bit miffed... got the car and there was a warning light on. really? whoever drove the car didn't notice? come on. so we had to turn around and head back to the dealer so they could run a check. apparently, they left something unplugged when the did the seats. thankful it was an easy fix.
little miss hybrid is totally inspired by roger hargreaves and his little miss and little mr. books. LOVE them. was looking to buy all of the series a bit back. put that on hold for a while, maybe i should add them to my birthday list.
as soon as the weather is agreeable, i plan on taking some pics of little miss. so her naming layout should be around soon.
finally uploaded my pics to scrapbookpictures. holy cow, i had a lot. i didn't even do the chicago ones yet... waiting on one more disc then i'll decide.
having a lazy weekend.
watched two for the money and transformers. both were good movies. didn't expect much with either. two for came as a recommendation from one of my docs. matthew mchottey and al pacino. can't go wrong. transformers was way better than i could have hoped for. shocked to say i actually enjoyed it!!
currently, sitting on the couch watching football. love days where you can shower and put new jammies on. so relaxing, so great.
still have to wrap. scrapped a page yesterday. hope to make some tags with mfm's november kit. i think it matches my paper and i didn't even plan it! bonus.


big whiner.

one heck of a day. so glad it's nearing an end.
-took pup to get neutered. did okay there... found an umbilical hernia. had to fix that too. makes me sad for my poor lil pup. can't wait to see him tomorrow. crazy how much i miss him. crazy how much the cats enjoy him being gone. ;o)
-got to work and 2 people had called off. chaos. super busy. foot not enjoying that. oh well...
-had to take the civic back to honda for the upgrades we purchased. the guy we bought the car from called us at like 5 and told us we had to be there by 6. seriously? did you just find this out? could you not have informed me of that when i scheduled this appointment? ugh.
-got a crummy rental car. mini van or death trap. so not into maneuvering a mini van. death trap it is. okay, maybe not really a death trap. but i do exaggerate.
-get to the mall to look for a christmas gift. can't find it. BONUS: found winter crocs. woot woot. both nick and i got a pair. i have a problem. BUMMER: went to have my rings cleaned and found out a diamond was loose on my wedding band. at least it didn't fall out. now i'm ringless. feel naked. have to wait a week to get it back.
-upon walking to the death trap, find out that it had a temporary license plate. that temporary license plate is EXPIRED. by the time we realize this, enterprise is closed. shit. now what? at this rate, i'm going to be pulled over and get some crazy ticket. call honda. speak to the service manager who we like. not the guy who sold us the car. not so big fans of his... anywho. tell him of our debacle. says he will take care of it in the morning. that he will have them bring me a new car at work tomorrow. nick is talking to him on the phone as i'm pulling into the driveway, when i realize... i forgot the effin garage door opener in the civic. dude. what is with today? thankfully, the guy said he would have the enterprise peeps bring that with the new car.
-when nick talked to the service manager, he discussed some of the complaints we had about our sales man. and informed him that if nick does indeed get an element, we aren't so sure that our man will be the man. might want someone different. listed our complaints: uniformed, didn't have the paperwork ready when we were coming in to buy the car {we waited like 2 hours there!}, and that the dude took a personal freaking phone call for like 10 minutes while he should have been filling out our paperwork. wtf mate? excuse yourself. don't just sit there. ridiculous. get home and the sales man calls to apologize. that's serious service. really okay with the manager. felt kinda bad for the sales man but you know what... a job's a job. and he needs to know how to be professional. so whatevs. nick is a bit anxious to see him again. but what do you do?

i'm now at home. in my comfy jamjams sipping a killer martini. i'm out of wine! watching some foosball. loving on the kitties. looking forward to tomorrow being a new day. talked to my grams. was hoping to nab her car before the car thing got settled. had to fill her in. she told me that old saying... 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.' i told her in my case, 'what didn't kill me, would make me crazy!'

'nuff whining. off to be positive... okay maybe not, i'm such a pessimist, but i'm gonna try! at least for the rest of the evening. ;oP