seeing the light.

-the end of the deck construction is in site! woot, woot! i will be so happy for the boys. it was snowing while they were working today. hoping it is completely finished tomorrow.
-i freaking took a nap almost every day this past week. not sure what my deal is, but i was exhausted on friday since i didn't nap thursday. must nip this in the bud.
-puppy classes went well. really like the trainer. have seen a bit of an improvement already. however, the food aggression did not go well. have to continue to hand feed him. which is okay. i want to do whatever is best for him. hoping she can work wonders and put an end to it.
-scrapped for the first time in ages today. lots. well, lots in one day for me. 4 so far. hope to crank out a few more.
totally enjoying my raspberry beer. yum-o. been hoarding a few bottles for some time. had to crack open the bottle to make the boys raspberry syrup with their pecan french toast this morning. and heck, a girl can't let a perfectly good bottle go to waste... can she?
-still need to get the external hard drive. soon. this week.
-glad for the short week. bummed that work is always crazy on the short ones tho... and we get bonuses on wednesday. bonus. just in time for black friday shopping. nick has to work friday morning. trying to convince him to come with me anyway. a girlfriend has offered to replace him. she doesn't want to buy and i feel if i drag her along, i will just be tempting her. so we'll see.
-starting looking at new cars. thinking about hybrids. you kids have any car suggestions? bad thoughts? good thoughts? i'm open. love beatrix the beamer, but the lease is up and so is the warranty. not sure if i can afford any repairs on her should they arise. so new car it is.
-diggin this fun site. thanks for sharing jude. another way to pass time at work. put it in the sidebar ----> for easy access. good thinking, eh? :o)


Laura Vigliarolo said...

I'm intrigued with the raspberry beer, good luck on the car shopping and are you eatind Thanksgiving dinner on your new deck since it will be done.

Brandy said...

i was going to say maybe you are with child, but the beer means prolly not. or maybe so and i can hook you up with my brother's baby mama. raspberry beer almost sounds like something worth trying,mmm

Heather said...

yum... raspberry beer...

yeah, me and my 'hoe are def not the ones to suggest hybrids... Brandy's your girl... I'm pretty sure she loves her Pruis...