lots going on here. so glad i have a few days to recoup.
hit midnight shopping today with a girlfriend and her neighbor. went to the coach outlet. stood in line for 2 hours outside. insanity. it was cold and we had some lake effect snow. thankfully, it wasn't much. made it home today around 5am. maybe i should have a contest... wanna guess how many items i purchased from the coach store and what the total was? sounds like there should be two prizes: one for each question. i'll update later with pics and totals. ;o) hints you say? hmmm. nick freaked a bit. i had been telling him he couldn't get his ps3... after my purchases, i had to let him get it. it's only fair.
slept til after noon today. i am still exhausted.
went to get a new car today. i'm in mourning for beatrix. that bmw was awesome. i was just sick of the service at their store and no way i want to pay to repair that sucker since the warranty would have been up with the lease.
curious as to what i/we got... check it out. missing lots that i'm used to... power seats, sun roof, heated seats, the radio that tells me what's playing, all wheel drive... but we are getting the leather seats and heating mechanism installed soon. got a few other upgrades. not a lot offered since they don't want to change the aerodynamics or add some goodies that will suck the life out of the gas mileage.
had a freak out the last few days over this. i do not do change well. at all.
better now. had a blast watching the gas/battery/charge part of the dashboard coming home. stopped by the 'rents. they approve. my brother is way upset that he can no longer nab the beamer. oh well, tis life. nick and i were just discussing the circle of life in cars... we all start with that beater/hand-me-down from the parents, then we can buy our own car and think we are splurging. that we have this kick ass car because we bought it. then you get your first real job and upgrade that car. sports car, luxury vehicle, gas guzzler.... whatever. then you get practical. like why the heck am i paying this for this. well, at least that is how nick and i are seeing things!
is the best decision for us. got an excellent deal. was really surprised at our bargaining skills. nick was way proud of himself! excited to not have to pay for premium gas any longer. looking forward to the tax break and receiving my boss' incentives from the hybrid purchase.
nick tried to take some pictures but we only had the little camera. couldn't get it to agree with him. everything was blurry. was cussing about how this was a pos. that the rebel is the best camera ever. so proud of him!
nick wants a new car. might have to wait a month or five... or i'll die from a bleeding ulcer. he's looking at this one. funny looking thing. but really neat on the inside.
came home to celebrate... cracked open some wine, went to take the garbage out, and slipped on the wood that is in the garage. seriously thought i broke my ankle. hurts like hell. immediately took some ibuprofin, wrapped it in an ace wrap, and elevated it. feeling much, much better. refusing to go to the er. don't want to admit that it could be broken. being a bad nurse. yeah, it's what we do. keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be three times the normal size in the morning.
oh and thanksgivings. turned out really nice. both of them. might have been the adult beverages helping too... got christmas lists from everyone. really excited to start shopping. i did do some shopping last night. {hint: one purse at coach was not for me!} hoping the ankle cooperates and we can do some shopping tomorrow. really need that new external hard drive!


Kache said...

Look at you getting the hybrid, very cool. There was a huge waiting list when I was due for a car a couple years back, so maybe next time. I like the one Nick picked out too.

I'm going to guess 5 purses. yikes.

Sorry about the ankle too!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the ankle, hope you're doing better.

Never been to coach let alone really seen one, but let's guess 4 purses.


Lisa said...

Ouch on the ankle, hope the swelling has gone down and it's not broken. Congrats on the new car, looked at the hybrids before I bought mine too. So cool!

I know the evils of the Coach outlet all too well, so I'm going to go with 3 purses and a matching wallet. Can't wait to see pics :)

Brandy said...

I know it isn't two and everyone else put in their guesses, eh...let's say five and I hope you splurged on some stuff for the fam. Yay hybrid!!! Cool new car, if it is anything like ours you will heart it.

Breana said...

i was going to say 3, that damn lisa! ha kidding. so I'll go with 6...really hope it's not 6. honestly. I'm thinking it's 4 though, but of course that guess is gone too.

and as far as $$$ I'll say $550.

hope the ankle is doing better.

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Sorry about the ankle, how's it doing???? Great car, Jon wants to get me a Coach for Christmas I told him no, was I crazy????

psucolleen said...

first - I've been a bad blog stalker so I'm feeling terrible that I didn't know til now about your ankle! Yikes! I hope it's better. Me being the clutzy person I am knows what you're going through. BTW - my leg STILL hurts from the spill in July and the re-injury to it in Chicago. Hoping you're a much better healer and you're chasing Guinness around again.

second -- WOOHOO on the new car. What color? I know you were shopping around for a bit and I'm glad you took the plunge. Oh... I totally love the Elements! What a fun car.

third --- I'm going with 4 items at the Coach store and a total of $433.

Glad Thanksgivings were fun!