lazy days

love me some lazy days. had a few over the weekend. a few movies, soccer, bike rides, icky open houses.
even had a day to sorta sleep in today. went to asco with a co worker. got to leave when i should have been at work. still got home around the same time. was a bit overwhelming. kinda bummed we didn't get to sit in on the lectures. darn guest passes. still got to walk the exhibit hall, nabbed some freebies, then spent some time in the city.
thinking the house thing just isn't meant to be right now. so okay with us. don't want to force anything or feel stressed. it'll happen when it's supposed to.
one of the movies this weekend was arthur and the invisibles. sooo great. totally gonna buy this one. so not what i was expecting, but great nonetheless. also saw the score. which we had seen, but forgot, so rewatched it. still a great movie. different ending than what i remembered... not sure how that works!
got some awesome scrappys in the mail today. kits from byom and mfm. woohoo! actually already completed a card with one of the kits.
hoping to complete a few more projects before the night is over! ;o)


Lisa said...

Love my BYOM kit! Can't wait for MFM next month.

And yay for lazy days.

Kache said...

I hate when movies change endings like that!

Woohoo on the kit! Already got 3 hits off your blog. Ok, one may have been me, but still.

I'm gonna have to check out Arthur and the invisibles.

Heather said...

loves me some scrappy mail!