nick got a phone call about 3pm today saying our friend is finally having contractions. her due date was tuesday. poor dear is miserable. went to the movies with them yesterday, was hoping her water didn't break while we were there! ;o)
hopefully by this time tomorrow there will be a new little one in our presence! fingers crossed for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mom.

otherwise, kinda had an eh weekend.
friday nick was crazy. nick was on call and i swear we had phone calls past midnight... groan. that never happens.
saturday rained and rained and rained. was hoping to bike, but i didn't want to get wet. the boys did do some running tho! saw pirates 3, eh. kinda long!
today was nick's sister's shower. was nice.

so k. back to the babe... thinking happy delivery thoughts!

edited to add... they had a baby girl this morning. braiden marie cooper. 2:19am. 8lb 3oz 19.5 inches. hope to have pictures this evening! :o)


Heather said...

yay! love new babe pics!

btw, you've been tagged :)

Kache said...

Congrats to your friends, braiden is a pretty name!