ten on tuesday 2.4.14

- i'm beginning to lose hope in the blogging battle.

- i think it's because i now have to seat in front of a computer all day at work. it's the last thing i want to do when i get home.

- may neglect the last few months of wip and do christmas and new years and maybe try to start fresh? in march?

- have melie's pictures and bullets all on my phone. i haven't forgotten about her, just haven't wanted to be near a computer.

- i am so sick of snow.

- add that i'm sick of bitter cold too. i feel trapped in our house!

- olympics are coming! so excited.

- just finished american horror story: coven. oh my word! love that show.

- saw bad grandpa with the girls last week. meh. so not what i was expecting.

- ben helped nick cook dinner last week. shrimp something or another. he loved it. and enjoyed the finished product too!

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