sump pump love...

okay, so seriously. i hate mine. a few months back, right before the boodlepalooza fest, ours died. the basement flooded {nothing too terrible. just mostly a nuisance} and the only reason i knew was because the oven shorted out while i was trying to bake cupcakes.
why am i bringing this up months later. because the effing thing died again!
i totally thought i heard the stupid thing running this weekend but i thought i was being crazy. that maybe that was normal, that we just weren't home during the day to hear it. or that since we were watering the trees, the lawn, running the dishwasher, and doing laundry that it should be running.
well, this morning my gut got the best of me. i thought i heard some funky noise and ventured downstairs. to a few inches of water. ugh. who needs that at 7am on a monday morning. definitely, not this morning lark.
yell up to nick and about scare the bejesus out of him. asked me if i was serious. really? me joke about water in our basement at 7am on a monday morning. i think not.
thankfully, i was able to leave work and meet the plumber. double thankfully, {i know not a word, but shannon likes to make up her own language..} the stupid thing was under warranty. so i didn't have to pay a dime. good thing since i paid an arm and a leg a few months back.
spent this afternoon sweeping water towards the pump. so grateful that we don't have too much down there. i mean miscellaneous stuff but nothing terribly important. oh and so great that garbage day is tomorrow.... at least we don't have to keep the stinky stuff in our garage or out in the yard!
tomorrow will be bleach sweeping. i know... ghetto. but what's a girl to do? gotta get it clean and unstinkafied {add that to the shannon dictionary too}.
now we need to figure out a back up plan. heard of 'ace in the hole' and 'aquanot' gotta investigate and see if they are worth our time. nick's dad mentioned a water sensor. oy. being a grown up is so fun! ;)


Brandy said...

Praise warranties! Now it is just your time that was wasted!

Anonymous said...

My biggest fear is the broken sump pump!! Glad yours was under warranty.


Kache said...

I hate being a grownup.
Sump pumps suck.

Anonymous said...

I hate water problems! I cannot stress that enough.

I'm glad it was under warranty. I hope it's fixed for good this time.


Stacey said...

Ah...the sump pump...had a lovely time with one of those at my old house. I feel your pain.

Lisa said...

That sucks! What a way to start a Monday :(

But... TOTALLY love the Shannon dictionary. Can I pick that up at Borders???

Jill said...

Been there, done that, it inhales vigorously. Glad you got it fixed. My dad now has a backup and a generator--theirs backs up a LOT. And glad that it didn't cost you anymore $$. Good luck with the cleaning (or, hopefully, it's done)

KJ said...

Being a grown up bites. I feel your pain (sewer problem for me this week) and I remember the days of sweeping the water back towards the pump when I lived at home.