wip 11.16.13

a lazy day home.
love watching her sleep. sorry for all the sleeping baby pictures.

nick brought dinner. that's a whole lotta fries!
had a picnic night. watched a movie. can't even remember what! so sad since i'm actually only a two weeks behind in posting these. i need to keep more detailed notes!

got up early with this cutie pie.

nick had to go to work. my mom came to visit with ben. he complained to grandma that she only spends time with baby. that she leaves when he gets home.

nick got back and we had visitors. had planned on making meyer's specials. it was raining and yucky. so we turned them into grilled versions on the stove. still super tasty.

ben and his olive fingers.

declan and his sword swallowing skills. let me tell you, dave was very proud!

mike enjoying our endless supply of candy. we never eat it. some of it is probably 2 years old!

the babies.

the boys.

plus two more boys.

playing frisbee.

nick convinced dave to stay and watch superman with him. steph had to leave and do a thirtyone party thing. mike and ry had baby stuff to do. i tried to sleep on the floor. didn't really happen with miss sage running around. oh well.

nick and ben ran out to target and jimmy john's. then the crazy storm rolled in and we spent some time in the basement. thankfully, we were okay and so was the house.

came back upstairs and watched some football and ben and nick played with ben's new bow and arrow.

this little girl enjoyed making silly faces. 

ben wanted to hold his sister.


once the kids were asleep we watched more football. totally should have switched to something that wasn't kid appropriate. it's funny how we forget. like when disney jr is on and the kids have been asleep for like an hour!


wip 11.9.13

ran out super early. got a pedicure. {still searching for a good one.} picked up amelia's birth certificate. how did we forget about it?! was hoping to get home before our peapod delivery. it was supposed to come after 11. i got home at 1030 and my mom was putting it away!

miss cutie pie loves her giraffe. 

and naps on her mommy.

called it a night early. had a busy day planned.

trip to michigan with the girls. we had talked about it at one of our girl's nights. completely forgot about it and then saw it on the calendar. we decided to give it a go. even if it was way last minute.

val drove and shelli was copilot. raquel and i chilled in the backseat. shelli made us take the scenic route and pointed out the red and yellow trees. it was kind of late in the season so they weren't super plentiful. but still pretty. we passed aunt teek's. took me a minute to figure it out. they all had a good laugh on my behalf. 

shelli's shoes. only shelli would have a pin that told her what foot to wear what shoe.

it was windy. windy. had some strangers take our pictures.

i am not one to pass up a swing.

pretty lighthouse. such an awesome blue sky, too.

the water almost got her. ;)

just so pretty.

we walked the strip and did some shopping and a wine tasting. never heard of warner wines. the lady who served us was awesome!

i am in love! my garage smells so much better after this stuff! sorry amelia.

and my husband requested the adult version....

these were my favorite when i was little! 

lunch at the stray dog.

the best pizza: pesto, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and red onions. delicious!

drove around and started out winery tour. first stop: karma vista. love their vibe. we were not a fan of our server.

thankfully, they had pretty views to make up for the stinky lady!

had to do some non alcoholic activities.
chocolate garden. {if some of these look familiar, it's because nick and i did a similar tour about a year ago.}

i decided to go with the white chocolate ones. something different.

and cider mill since it's practically next door to the chocolate place.

silly girls went and played at the dinosaur farm.

i was distracted by the cool clouds and sunlight.

back to liquor!
round barn. so crowded. not very fun. usually i really like them. it was just too crazy and disorganized.

gravity. i really like it there. maybe not the best wines. but i love that it's paired. and you can sit quietly at a table.

got a text from nick while we were there. ben wanted meatballs so nick ordered out. {we did have meaballs in the freezer but i guess that's a lot of work!} and i asked if they even changed out of their jammies. he responded that they hadn't and it was wonderful!

i was distracted and a certain red shoe-d friend stole my chocolate and replaced it with a twix!

more cute boy pictures.

and a cute girl for good measure.

decided to try our this distillery.  had made some friends when we were shopping in new buffalo. we ran into them at every shop. then joked about the fact that we were all planning on lunching at the stray dog. couldn't believe it when we sat down next to them! chatted with them about our plans for the rest of the day. joked about meeting them for dinner. actually ran into them again at round barn and they had mentioned that they stopped here. decided to give it a go. was on our way back home.

brought nick a growler of cider something.

came home relatively early. was a long day. we were gone for 12 hours. had planned on staying the night and then something came up with one of the girls so we played it by ear and just called it a night.

nick went to work and i hung out with the kidlets.

miss happy, chubby-pants found her feet!

hung out and enjoyed one another once nick got home. i really like having one day to do nothing and just spend time together. not rushing around or anything.

pulled up her activity center.
i think she likes it! doesn't stay in it for very long. still a bit too little. but so fun to see her interact with things.