wip 2.11.12

my birthday. three squared. and it snowed. of course it did. it's usually either bitter cold or snowing for my birthday. ;)

so did i do something special? maybe slept in a little later than usual. but then it was back to the friday routine. cleaning and groceries! we couldn't decide what we were going to do for eats. we finally decided to venture out despite the inclement weather. 

a certain someone trying to catch some slush. they weren't quite snowflakes yet.

birthday margarita. with a moscato side car. :-D my two favorites. tequilla and wine!

love the little hand nabbing a chip. 

and one of my favorite desserts.
fried ice cream.

that little hand nabbed my cherry. ;) and our waitress was kind enough to bring him a little plate of cherries.

and our lovely ride home! 

and then we watched a movie. i believe it was what's your number... not 100% sure though. silly, old memory.

breakfast of champions. okay, i couldn't eat the donut. it was stale. love that nick tried to bring me a little something though. cracked me up when he told me he bought me a heart shaped donut for my birthday! {and i totally just typed heart shaped birthday for my donut. perhaps i should go to bed. and not try to catch up on these silly posts!}

some computer time. 

then we headed to the lake central dance invitational. wanted to see nick's step sister {so much easier than dad's girlfriend's daughter} perform.  we were a little nervous because it was smack dab in the middle of ben's nap time. we decided to give it a go, that we could always leave if he wasn't cooperative.

he loved it. chilled on jer bear's lap for the majority of the time. ben would comment on their shoes. clap when they were done, and yell 'good job girls'. a few times, he even was dancing along with them. so cute!

my illegal photography. shhh...

we asked ben if he wanted to go home to nap. of course, he said no. and since he wasn't acting up, we decided to stay. not five minutes after we asked him if we should leave, he fell asleep. 

yup. in the middle of the gym. during the super loud performances.  the kid NEVER falls asleep in public. we couldn't believe it.

we left before we got to see all of the lake central teams. but we saw both of bri's. and that was all that mattered. ;)

ben and bri.

then we came home and napped. and when he was up, we ran a few errands.
he's obsessed with his trains. and putting things in his pockets.
so he was playing trains while we were at home depot.

quick stop at strack's for some beverages. he loves the car cart. i cannot tell you how much i dispise the car cart. smaller cart space and it is not the easiest thing to steer. 

our crazy ass cat. seriously. walking on the legs of the chairs. strange. 

and a naked-ish baby. he loves being naked. i guess considering that i heard nick was a streaker. and that i made it half way down the block naked when i was younger, i can't be too surprised. 

almost fully clothed to brush his teeth! 

family birthday party.
for some reason ben felt he needed to 'go somewhere'. so he insisted on putting on his shoes and packing up his 'pack pack'.

this was how we found him a few minutes later. i think it might have been a bit loud in the other room!

showing everyone how to use the phone.

time for cake!{ignore the red eyes. i'm feeling extra lazy. and apparently, the photographer {ahem nick}, didn't check the settings. oh well. 

then ben got the camera. 

okay. back to normal pictures.
pressie time. i had such a good helper. he opened. while i read cards. perfect.

the sign is now hanging in my office. love it! 

and i finally got to do the 'grandma' holiday shot. 

and just as the party was wrapping up, nick's mom, aunt and cousin stopped by to deliver ben some valentine's pressies. 


ten on tuesday 2.2812

- after posting my wip yesterday, i decided that i just needed to sit down and catch up. so i did. and now the rest of the week will be filled with weekend only posts. let's see if i can keep on track for march. ;)

- i think it should be illegal for sirens to be in songs/music.

- cannot get enough of this song. krystn, it made me smile when i heard the glee version on your blog! {no longer embedding videos. mess with my layout too much, so you get a linky.}

- love this alarm clock for ben. he understands it. {we've done green means go at stop lights forever.} and now we don't get yelled for until at least 7 am. awesome!

- pinterest party tomorrow! so excited. not sure who is coming, but i'm excited even if it's only 3 of us!

- made avocado grilled cheeses for dinner yesterday. thank you pinterest for that idea! i think i need to do another all recipe post soon...

- think we finally have our vacation destination figured out. but who knows. i thought that yesterday and we completely changed our minds! i just know that i'm excited... where ever it may be!

- am the proud new owner of another lisa leonard necklace. thanks for the birthday pressie ben. or should i say dadda. ;) {ben loves this song. asks for me to sing it to him regularly.}

- my new purse finally came! i was so undecided on what to purchase. searched etsy for weeks. it combines two of my current obsessions: yellow and chevrons. it's so cute. just wish the opening was a teensy bit bigger. but i love the pocket across the front.

- bought a bridal shower gift from here. totally recommend em if you're looking for something personalized. will definitely purchase from them again! {and no, they have no clue i'm posting about their fabulous product!}


wip 2.4.12

so much for catching up in february. ;)

the usual during the day stuff. cleaning, shopping, watching project runway. still not sure what i think of the new judges.
then i headed to dinner with nick's mom and aunt that evening. had some really yummy food.

crummy iphone shot of my dinner. nothing beats a good risotto.

we couldn't decide on a movie. so we headed back to nick's aunt's to visit and eat some ice cream treats.

this picture just cracks me up. his facial expressions are ridiculous.
i think i took the picture because he was rockin his lightening mcqueen slippers.

then we ran some errands. headed to kohl's for some new rugs for the downstairs bathroom. ben enjoyed a new pb and j treat. {thanks for the tip aunt michelle!}

then we stopped at our favorite shoe store.  nick needed some new trainers for work. {i love pretending i'm brittish...}

 ben coloring away while we were waiting.

and then it was date night.
time for cooper's hawk, since we didn't get to go a few weeks earlier...
love that we can do our complimentary tasting, yay for being a member, while we are waiting for our table.

decided to try the cheese and wine pairing for our appetizer. we have never tried their pairings before. we will definitely be doing it again.

and the entrees.
tried the medallions. i think my favorite was the parm. crusted.

and whatever nick ordered. :)

was a great dinner. got to talk lots. makes me happy that we still enjoy each other's company.
couldn't decide what movie to see. had a few we discussed before we left for dinner. we were deciding to call it a night and just hit redbox on the way home when nick noticed he missed a phone call... had to go to work. so i guess it was a good thing we didn't really want to see anything!

me chilling at his work. thankfully, he didn't have to be there for too long! and yay for his coworkers that live nearby so we didn't have to drive all the way home and back since we didn't have his work keys with us!


kept getting spooked by a super scary ghost while we were cleaning!

enjoying some of his discovery toys. i think these might have been the most used item we bought.

and the boy was obsessed with putting EVERYTHING in the bathroom. at least he wasn't wanting to put everything in the toilet?!

our supe rbowl fixings. three pw recipes: whiskey sliders, hot wings, and french fries. nick did a great job cooking everything. i think the wings were my favorite.

snuggled up rooting for the giants. {we were totally undecided until game time.}

nick's mom visiting with ben. 

 and the majority of our evening was spent playing frisbee, soccer, or basketball.

nice, relaxing evening in. i think nick might have wanted to venture out to our friends for the game. or even have had a few over. but i thought it was perfect!