ten on tuesday 1.31.12

- yesterday's post was my 1000th! holy craziness.

- i hate when you call a place of business and they answer the phone with a 'hello'. ugh, so annoying. you say the name of the business and your name.  such as, 'thank you for calling the doctor's office. shannon speaking. how may i help you?'

- i'm totally in love with toby keith's red solo cup song. {beware link is the unedited version. and dude, i just watched the glee episode where they did this song. hello, i'm only two months behind on episodes!}

- it's light outside at 5:15pm! i almost didn't get ready in time for our dinner plans saturday night because i thought it wasn't late enough since it was still light out!

- monday morning, ben told nick that he wanted to have six fingers and was very disappointed when nick told him he could only have five?!

- am enjoying one of our doctors being on vacation. the schedule is so nice. i wonder if this is what it's like to work in a 'normal' office.

- today ben with me to target to pick up a prescription. he was super good, so i told him he could pick out something. he chose goldfish crackers. rainbow colored, of course. then the lady in the pharmacy asked if he could have a sucker. she kept commenting on how well behaved he was while we waited. so i told her sure. he then walked, prouder than a lion, carrying his goods back to the car. once in the car, i asked him which one he wanted. and he chose the crackers! wha? what kid does that?

- i logged 39.something miles on the elliptical this month. and here i thought i wasn't gonna make 30!

- started my second 'real' book. unplanned. came highly recommended. read the first chapter and thought i was going to cry. {it was during lunch. at work.} texted my girlfriend who gave it to me and was like, 'wtf?! i do not want to be bawling my eyes out the entire book.' she assured me it isn't like that. she did cry. but i'll manage. so i'm hoping i can do it. i think i can, i think i can...

- have the craziest urge to run. i know, right? where did that come from. if i didn't feel god awful {hence the target trip for a rx.} i think i might have ventured out today. oh well. soon enough. and then i'm sure i'll complain about running. ;)


wip 12.31.11

ahhh. so far behind. i think that's why i stop posting. i feel so overwhelmed. goal for february... catch up and stay caught up!

family night with nick's dad's side. always good times. especially when our new xbox kinect gets used!

but first ben and i did some shopping. he was insistent on the cart with the car on the front. and then about halfway through wanted to walk. {those carts sucks. they hold less and steer for garbage. but oh well...}

 enjoying a yummy treat for listening and walking next to his momma.

then it was time for some yummy food and good company.

brianna showed ben a new game. temple run, if you dare. just saying. 

and nick playing fruit ninja. {i promised no incriminating videos or pictures of us dancing, so i'll just share one of nick.}

new year's eve.
nick and his dad and his uncle played frisbee golf during the day.
while they were gone, ben decided he wanted to be like daddy. ;)

it was pretty funny watching him try to walk with those on....

then it was time to chill with a few friends for the evening. nothing crazy. just a small get together. which ended up turning into a very late night. we played games and laughed. totally felt like we were back in college! and the kids had a blast too. win win!

i have no clue what they were up to.

ben sandwich. braiden was not pleased.

they thought the couch was a monkey gym. 

playing xbox.

wynn and ben watching intently.

the littles got their own shot glasses full of apple juice for the evening. ;)

the kick ass fruit basket.

the two year olds enjoying their twos...

time to dance!

time for dress up. yes, ben dresses in a skirt/dress evey time we visit.

i love him. <3

the kids singing. apparently, wynn does a killer lady gaga impersonation. i believe, born this way, is her favorite.

and ben trimming baby's nails. so strange. ;P

somebody pretending that he was sleeping. {we were all tired for a bit. then we hit our second wind.}

more dress up. a tutu this time! 

our first picture of the new year! 

one of our favorite games to play. used to be because it was quick. however, when you play with jason, you have to explain all your answers. this then becomes know me 'not so' fast.

the kids around 4am.

laziness.  and lots of temple run.

{i have pictures, but this post is overloaded and they aren't anything spectacular, so i'm leaving em out.}

nick had to work. so we also stopped at kohl's along the way. it was surprisingly not crowded.  then went to chili's for a quick lunch and headed home to nap. well, at least ben and i napped.
then my mom came over and nick and i went to see mission impossible in imax. good flick... think i posted that previously....
{and again i'm saving pictures to make this a bit shorter!}

and now that i'm done with this, i'm so happy i do these. i love looking back. i know i've said it before but it must be true if i keep coming back to it, right?!


a few good recipes...

since pinterest is cooperating, i'm gonna share some yummies.
and then i'll share some not so yummies. because, hey, you gotta take the good with the aad, right?

the good:
parm garlic linguine - try this now. it's delicious and simple. add more or less garlic and cheese to your taste liking. i doubled the recipe. seriously. make this. ;)
italian sausage stew - yum. definitely a keeper. served it with some crusty butter bread.
chicken enchillada pasta - pasta and mexican. can't go wrong, right?!
frito pie - hello. the title includes fritos. total win.
pepperoni roll ups - not exactly my style. but nick and ben ate it. was a quick and easy recipe with ingredients we almost always have on hand. good in a pinch for sure.
lunch lady sloppy joes - nick loves manwich. seriously, when i tell him i'm making sloppy joes he is disappointed if i'm trying something new. but i told him we were trying this one. the sauce was easy. i played around with a few of the ingredients. but the string cheese was so fun! loved that it got all gooey. and it was different than just added american cheese which i had never thought of before pw's sloppy joes! potato chips yes. cheese no. and now that i just watched rachael vs guy, i'm adding dill pickles next time and maybe some bourbon!
unstuffed peppers - tasted like a stuffed pepper! might add a bit more peppers next time though.
penne and smoked sausage - can't go wrong with smoked sausage.

the not so good:
sweet and sour chicken - no flavor. so disappointing.
slow cooker cheesy chieken and rice - again kinda bland. we are big flavor people in this house.
cheesy chicken pot pie cups - the ratio was off. too much biscuit. i think i bought the wrong size. i think nick tried to make it work and the overall taste was okay. maybe spice up the mixture a bit.
pierogi casserole - didn't really taste like pierogies. wasn't awful. just wasn't what we were hoping for.

phew. i think that's most of em. i'm sure i'm forgetting a few. gonna have to dig through our recipe binder and share more favorites.  and you can always search by label and find some older recipe posts if you really want to!

k. time to find a snack. all this food talk is making me hungry! :D


ten on tuesday. 1.24.12

- is it sad that i go to starbucks for their iced tea lemonades and not their coffee?

- last week nick was so sleepy, he was fully dressed and sat down on the bed and tried to put boxers on over his scrubs! i mean, i have forgotten if i used shampoo or conditioner but never tried to dress myself twice.

- there is nothing better than a fountain coke. okay, maybe a fountain cherry coke. ;)

- i hate when commercials are aired and the thing they are advertising is expired. i heard something today on the radio for something january 14. um, hello. it's ten days later.

- scramble with friends might be my new iphone addiction. it's like boggle with friends. i love word games!

- finished my first 'real' book. onto the next one! and i've gone back to reading two different books. one for elliptical-ing and one for regular reading.

- cannot get over how damn adorable it is when ben reads a story. he melts me. so cute.

- dislikes that both of the boys have a terrible cough. thankfully, ben is on the mend.

- loved when ben sang happy birthday to nick. 'happy birthday to my dadda'....

- i think i've decided that as much as i enjoy looking back on this blog, that i'm not going to kill myself trying to post. which is why i think that i'm going to continue with my wip posts. sure, they aren't up to date, but at least they give me a glimmer into what we did at said point in time. and if i miss a few little things in our daily life, that's okay. at least i have something documented on a regular basis. {however late it may be!} and it encourages me to pick up and use my camera which has totally fallen by the wayside since i stopped doing my daily picture... and these ten on tuesdays seem to do a pretty good job of reminding me of some day to day randomness. so they are definitely staying!


pinterest party!

my friend jamie came up with the fabulous idea to have a monthly pinterest party. that way we actually do something with all of those pins. this month was a sweater purse.  {we added some lining... thanks val!}and i am proud to say that for our first attempt at a major sewing project was a success! mostly... ;)

here's the before. i only took one of the sweater that i picked up from goodwill...

and our three finished purses. a little less than four hours later. which is so impressive since val had to deal with us novices and that there were 3 machines for the four of us. {monica's purse didn't get finished. the mama too be needed some sleep!}

cannot wait for next month's get together! now i just have to decide what we are gonna tackle next!


ten on tuesday 1.17.12

- trying to figure out how to blog this year. pretty sure that i'm going to keep the wip. they make me smile. but i'm not going to focus on taking pictures of everything. it's too much. so the posts may be smaller, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. and i've decided that the picture a day is a no go for 2012. pretty sure i'm keeping these posts too. it's a fun way to get a glimpse of our day to day interactions... and they're becoming easier since i'm making notes in my phone through out the week.

- it's funny that having a little boy who is in love with trains makes getting stopped at a railroad crossing fun and that sometimes i'm secretly hoping to get stopped by a train on our way to or from where ever we are going. ;)

- think that i'm done with resolutions. i always forget what they are or lose sight of them at some point through out the year. i'm thinking that monthly goals/projects will be more realistic.

- am only at 10 miles on the elliptical this month. i blame going backwards and doing interval training a few times. maybe i should hurry up and finish this post, so i can get upstairs and work on that! :)

- brought ben home white castle for dinner one day last week. i gave him the bag that had the burgers and chicken rings inside and told him he could open it when we got inside {we were walking into the house} and told him it was because he was such a good boy and tried everything momma and dada made for dinner that week. he was so excited. we got inside and got all settled in and i told him he could now open the bag.  he did. and pulled out the napkins that were on top and said, 'thank you for the napkins momma' so damn enthusiastically i couldn't even stand it. he's so cute. but then i told him the napkins weren't the present. that there was more and he squealed in delight when he figured out what his pressie really was. xo.

- have managed to keep our schedule relatively light. it's kind of strange. i feel like we are forgetting to do something!

- saw the girl with the dragon tattoo. good movie. doesn't seem as long as it is. however, i am questioning something in the movie and how it was presented in the book. if you read this and saw the movie, we might need to talk!

- guess i jinxed us with my post on the weather. we finally got snow {a little more than 5"} and the weather is getting chilly. good news is that my new coat is amazingly warm.

- showed nick some of my 'pins' today. more specially the home organizing and let's make it pretty categories. and he's totally agreeable to most of the projects. we're gonna divide them up and have some his and hers. honestly, i'm hoping for more hims. ;) so excited. can't wait to actually decide on our first project!

- came across this website while looking into one of our projects. {totally safe for work.} and i'm totally color coding the bookshelf project {or at least some variation of it} that will hopefully end up in our room sooner rather than later!


i love reading.

seriously. it's one of my all time favorite things to do. a perfect vacation, to me, would be a beach {or a warm locale with a pool!} and a pile of books. oh and an endless supply of cocktails. ;)

and i even have an entire board dedicated to books on pinterest. yup. i'm a proud bookworm!

i really like good reads. it's an easy way to keep track of what you have read and what you would like to read. as well as what your friends are reading. i did their reading challenge last year. met my goal. i believe it was in the same range as this year's goal... yup, just checked. i read 38 books and my goal was 35. which is not too shabby considering i didn't pick up a book for the entire month of november or december.

this year's goal is 30 books. {i'm setting the bar low so i don't fail miserably. no one said i had to stop at 30, right?}

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Shannon has read 2 books toward her goal of 30 books.

but this year, i'm going to put a modifier on the challenge. i want to read at least six 'real' books. it's so easy to just read all kindle freebies. so by real i guess i mean, not from amazon's freebies for kindle or $.99 for that matter. and not a quick, easy, chick lit read {which are my favorite!} but something with sustenance. does that even make sense? whatever. it does to me!

started the night circus last week. it's my first 'real' book of the year. and a few others on the list: heaven is for real, the immortal life of henreitta lacks, the time traveler's wife {which has been on my night stand forever!}, the descendants {just because i watched the golden globes last night}, the alchemist {thrift shop find that's been on my night stand since this summer...}and maybe a classic or two. or maybe even something to cross off of this list.

on my way home from work today, i stopped at a goodwill store for a sweater for this awesome pinterest party i'm going to on wednesday... i decided to check out their books. came home with four more 'real' books: memoirs of a geisha, into the wildlife of pi, and middlesex.  all for only four dollars! score! and my girlfriend just posted about this book. well, i think it's this book, so that will probably be next on the list since she's letting me borrow it. crazy that i'm in a book mood and she posted about one. yay for good timing. ;D {maybe if i would have written the majority of this post today instead of yesterday {darn me for planning ahead.} i would have changed my goal!


wip 12.24.11

christmas edition!

nick had to work even though the doctor's office that he is affiliated with was closed, so it was just me and beans.  i spent the day cooking and prepping for christmas eve festivities.
and for some reason, i had the urge to clean our pantry. it's so nice and organized again. crazy how that can get away from you...

i made ben a 'tent' before i dove into the pantry project.  he loved it. so much so, that he wouldn't let me take it down when i was done! and that meant i didn't get to clean as i had hoped, but that's okay because he was enjoying himself and that's all that mattered.

chilling on the rocking chair with all of his animals. and his phone.

since he was so good and let me clean the pantry, i told him he could open his gift from jade and annabelle. 

he was pretty stoked!

my lil bro stopped by unexpectedly and hung out with ben for a bit. both were very interested in nick's new video game.

then nick and i left and headed to house of kobe for michael's birthday. nice, low key dinner. kinda nice to not have a giant group of us. made it so much easier to chat and catch up.

christmas eve!
morning was pretty relaxed. didn't have much to get ready. was nice to have spent friday getting everything ready. and that momma meyer helped and brought over some food too!

did snap many random pictures. they were all of the main event. presents!

yup, he remembered what to do with his bows! :)

showing us his present. {gotta work on that one!}

trying on his new mcqueen slippers.

and the hit present courtesy of grandma. iplay build a road

nick loved it too! 

love that our family photo includes the train! ha.

it wouldn't be a holiday/birthday without grandma and her bottle of liquor.

playing with my fish eye setting...

our delicious, home made apple pie shots.{the yellow bottle is already gone!}

wait?! am i supposed to have three gloves? 

nope! auntie only has one! so funny.

kevin loved his cheesy poofs. so glad i hoarded them since like august! 

and the pillow pet that he was hoping for. now he and ben match!

britt and k.

everyone left relatively early. except the two pictured above. we just visited for a bit. and they helped play santa.

and we are ready for christmas morning!


wasn't too early of a morning. and when we did make it downstairs ben didn't want to stop playing with his new cars and road! took us a few minutes to convince him to go into the family room! silly boy.

dumping his stocking out.

not sure... i think he wanted to not open presents and go play with the road! 

cars puzzle!

a giant book of cars.

then it was time for christmas breakfast with nick's dad and fam.

dueling video cameras.

miss bri and her justin beiber nail polish. 

who knew santa made stops christmas morning?!

whoa. why is santa in my house?

trying to convince the kids to hang with santa. gabby wasn't so sure. brianna tried to convince her!

ben wasn't having it either...

trying to convince ben santa isn't so scary.

we bribed him with candy. whatever. it worked. judge if you want!
{our family photo. i went for the matching two piece jammie set this year.}

not exactly pc but funny. and this is our life and santa had a beer. it happens.

diggin the noise putty that was in his baggie from santa.

then it was nap time. well, for me and ben. nick played video games.
and time for christmas at his sister's.

playing with the settings on the camera. i forget what this one was called...

and the color select option. i guess you can pick what color to highlight. pretty nifty.

rudolph noses were a hit. 

after presents, we did our crackers.

ben modeling his cool crown.

three little reindeer.
sorry about the red eye. i'm lazy since it's nearing the end of this post.

my fanfreakingtastic grab bag gift. my brother is 100% jealous. i'm hoarding all of it. ;)

 then a few quick games of 'jingo' and it was time to head home. gabby and noah weren't feeling to well and we didn't want beaner to get sick, so we called it a night early.

nick and i cleaned up after ben was asleep. made some popcorn and just watched a movie. was a nice end to a long day.

nick had to work. so ben and i went with him. then we went to lunch at bw's. yum.
when we got home it was nap time. yup. for me and ben while nick played video games. then just a lazy afternoon and evening playing with new toys and eating tasty left overs...

both iphone photos.

yum. garbage and cheesy potatoes. so not healthy. so glad it's only once a year! 

then unfortunately back to work. but it was so nice having a long four day weekend.