wordless wednesday. my little helper. ;)

hoping his thumb is greener than mine...


ten on tuesday. 6.28.11

- when nick dropped off ben at daycare today a little girl asked her mom why that man was wearing pajamas. the mom then had to explain that those are called scrubs. to which the little girl replied, i want some!
- it's almost firework time!!
- nick thinks he is nicki minaj. he can't/won't stop singing 'super bass'
- holy deliciousness. if you like coconut, make these.
- i am beyond excited to eat here. i don't care how expensive the bill will be!
- wishes that ben were just a bit taller... they had bike day at school and he still can't reach the pedals on any of his bikes!
- cannot wait for this to arrive on my doorstep. thank you colleen for enlightening me! ;)
- found another book list. hoping to cross some of those off the list as soon as i finish pride and prejudice! i make myself alternate between fun books and classics.
- thinking we are going to take ben to his first parade this year. i hope he loves it!
- a new favorite summer drink. yum.


wip 6.11.11

woke up to a semi flooded basement. thank goodness nick got the alarm sensor thingy-ma-bob after our sump went out last time. i just wish it was loud enough to wake me up upstairs. but i heard it when we woke up otherwise, who knows what kind of a mess our basement would have been in.

no great pictures. the main ones that i took are for the insurance company regarding my parents roof. nothing worth sharing.
did have girl's night with nick's mom and aunt. dinner at pf changs and bridesmaids. good night!

my mom and grandma came over to watch ben while we tackled the basement.  it was so funny to hear ben running around upstairs while we were down there. you would have thought it was a herd of elephants not one little two year old!

ben did get a hold of our water camera. he seems to use it more than his own little camera. and since it's shock proof too, we let him use it. got some funny pictures from his perspective. love is chubby little fingers in all of the pictures! ;)

and we got some new googles for him to wear at grandma and grandpa's pool and gigi's beach. he loves them. silly beans.

pretty sure that evening nick and i just chilled. maybe watched the roommate. holy cow that girl is cray-cray!

tori and abbi's birthday festivities.

ben enjoyed the little bounce house!

daddy losing at bags.

ben loving the sandbox. 

and the fun candy necklace in his goodie bag.

i feel like i'm forgetting something.
i know it was one of our less crazy weekends. and i'm pretty sure we enjoyed doing less, especially after the past few...


wordless wednesday. b - cubed.

bubbles with ben and braiden. :-]


ten on tuesday. 6.21.11

- blogging yesterday did not even cross my mind. i completely forgot about it. oops!
- i made pw's iced coffee. holy schnikes! that stuff is strong. just a warning.
- finally bought myself mason jars {that i have wanted for approximately the past year}. bought two packs of 12... think i need to go grab one more of the biggest size too. yes, i have a problem.
- this is the most delicious chicken marinade. might help that might husband is now a master, charcoal griller!
- am completely fed up with certain things/people. it's okay, i'm okay. just annoyed....
- ben had a massive, ridiculous meltdown yesterday. i can't even remember what it was about. but it lasted at least 30 minutes. i couldn't help but laugh at him a few times. it was so silly.
- the bunnies have eaten my peppers and some corn too! next year, i'm making nick but up some unattractive chicken wire.
- cannot believe it's really almost the fourth of july. it seems like summer just started. sigh... i need to be a school nurse so i can enjoy these summers! :-]
- ben LOVED swimming at my parents this weekend.  that makes me beyond happy.
- i hate mosquitos. how are they this awful already?!?


wip 6.4.11

again, i can't tell you what i did during the day. le sigh.
but friday night was the glee concert! i'm only sharing pictures now. maybe some video later...

john and nick in the limo on the way to pick up tom. they couldn't sit any other direction or they would get carsick!

a quick dinner at chili's before the concert. it was so crazy in there, we had to split up. but luckily our booths were right across from one another!

my love.

my love and courtney {one of his all time favorite contestants on sytycd!!} he was in heaven. 

some shots from throughout the concert.

and us in the limo post concert. dan and i didn't even realize that we were both sticking our tongues out at nick. quite funny! 

and nick when we finally made it home! ;)

nick helped my parents redo their roof.

ben seeing a garbage truck up close for the first time. i think he would have chased it down the street if we would have let him!

then we headed home to relax. and nap. and then the crazy weather came through. i have never gone to the basement during a storm. but this time i did. i woke ben up from his nap and we headed down. i think the lightening and the hall simultaneously along with hearing the deck box slide across the deck was pretty frightening...

we emerged after about 10 minutes to this...
not too bad at first glance. at least to our home.

missing deck box lid which i found.

compost bin is gone. our neighbors found it in their front yard. it's in the garbage now...

our neighbors fence. it took a beating in three separate spots. 

our neighbors poor house.

someone's pool cover blown off of the pool!

almost everyone with a pvc fence had damage...

ben checking everything out.

our neighbor's swing set. 

in the cul de sac by our home. poor trees.

a random tree in someone's yard down the street. it blew there from one house over.

in the next subdivision. 

we made it to grandma and grandpa's to check out their damage. they had no roof when the storm blew through! and some of the boys were crazy enough to be on the roof trying to protect the home.

ben liked playing in the puddles.

kevin, aka jebediah, after all the craziness.

then we came home and i snapped a few more pics of the damage.
as far as i know, there were no injuries. so lucky. it could have been so much worse!

went back over to my parents to see if we could help with anything...
ben enjoyed passing on water and gatorade to the boys. yes, he had a bow on his head. we're weird. whatever. ;P

then he found a noodle from the pool and wanted to play with it.

daddy, 'up please.'

the boys hard at work.

playing with rocks in the driveway.

helping grandpa clean up by catching garbage being thrown down from the roof.

the boys.

phew. we had some pretty busy back to back weekends.
and if you stuck with all 39383 pictures in the post and made it to the end... good job! and thanks! ;)