wasted away...

i so did absolutely nothing this weekend. napped and olympics. oh and ate. nothing house/job/hobby related. was nice but feel like a bit of a blob.
was the first downtime weekend we've had in a while.
hoping to spend next weekend in michigan with nick's dad and his girlfriend.
decided that we are doing some remodeling around here. bye, bye carpet in the dining and living room. hello new wall, hardwood floors and rearranged space! will definitely need some before and after pics.
looking forward to our olympic impromptu gathering this week. had planned on stealing carrie's idea of a party, but that changed quickly! were discussing our dinner plans with friends at a benefit for one of our friends who has leukemia. some other friends overheard, so we decided to invite everyone. however, some of our friends are a bit snarky and made a comment about 'we don't really have to watch the olympics do we?' so we decided nope. we're having a wii olympics. gotta figure out if we're gonna do brackets or what. nick will win. might have to work out handicaps or something. should be fun. looking forward to planning our menu. except that smartass friend said he was bringing fried bugs. blech. not sure i'll let him in if he does! ;o)
guinness has been a pain. has some sort of rash/allergy. now he's on steroids and benadryl. the steroids are making him mr. growly again. oy. bless nick for taking care of him when he gets all mean. and to think mr. guinness had been doing so well. hoping this is temporary and the nice dog returns soon...


stuck to my couch.

engrossed in the olympics.
still lots on the plate and maybe one freaking day, i'll upload the final batch of california pics. seriously, i suck.
the olympics are my favorite. love just lounging with nick and fat dog and doing nothing but staring at the tv. nice change of pace from the crazy schedule we've been keeping.
laughing my patooty off at the previews for this new tv show.
so gonna tivo this one.
kath and kim
think it appeals to me in the same way that my name is earl does!