so if i disappear it's because i'm seriously addicted.
mario kart wii. my apologies for the noisy website, but you were forewarned. ;o)
if you have a wii, i would recommend it. but i feel like a total dork playing with the steering wheel. cannot wait to get more controllers and have a party.
another good game...
mario and sonic olympics.
some of you might be aware of my olympic obsession, well this is just the summer version. really cannot wait for winter. and if they aren't releasing it until the winter games, well, i'm sad.
it's a lot harder than you might think. i tend to laugh hysterically at the friends who are huffing and puffing after a race. fun times.
and a game i'm totally looking forward to: wii fit. not sure how all of the activities are going to work, but am patiently awaiting its release.
so now that i have bored you today with my wii obsession, i'm going to go back to racing....


felt call.

k ladies. if you're up for it, i'm doing an article on felt for an upcoming issue of rsc. would love if you contributed your creations to the article.
there are no rules except you must use felt. can be a handmade felt creation {think ugly dolls and flowers or mini albums made from felt} or just using felt on a page, card, canvas, album, whatever.
the deadline is may 15. email me with your creations and a product list. the submission info can be found here!
if you don't have my email, not sure if you can see it on this blog, leave me a comment and i'll get in touch with you.
oh and why should you give it a go? because jen is super cool and every one who appears in the issue gets a free copy! ;o)


who knew...

that our vote, so late in the game, could or would still mater.
i believe brandy posted about this topic a few months ago and my comment was that our primary so late in the game was worthless. who knew?!
not a fan of politics. causes too much turmoil amongst friends and family. am very guarded about who i will talk 'shop' with.... we don't consider ourselves republicans or democrats. will vote for who we agree with most at the time. amazing to think that this year our democratic nomination will either be a woman or african american. cool.
the fact that my vote, could affect who gets that nomination.... pretty freaking neat.



downtime. so needed it.
had a nice, relaxing weekend. spent time with family and friends. but was nothing like it's been the past few weeks. read: crazy and hectic. the only thing that would have made it better... scrapping mojo. it's completely vanished. sucks. hoping it finds its way home soon.
more fun news.
got a new camera. woohoo. the point and shoot died. we got it at costco before they changed their policy. so we got all of our money back and upgraded. totally loving it. just have to figure out how to upload the pics!
isn't it cute? fyi, we got rhythm and blues.
have a silly guinness story, has to wait until i have pics. the dog is crazy! ;o)



candy does that right? makes everything better? i think the pomagranite mojito last night helped too. so whining over for now...
above pic is from the wedding this weekend. had a candy bar. found out late, nabbed the rest of the gummi bears. yes, i turned the jar on its side and dug in. i have no shame when it comes to gummi bears. especially, since i wasn't really full after the meal. but that is a whole different story!
maybe more pics soon. hoping that the rest of the week my evenings are free, fingers crossed.



so i've had it. ever get to the point when you're just done?
i totally feel that way. just worn out or something. little bits going on that are driving me crazy. really looking forward to hibernating this weekend. hope we get to be bums and nothing crazy pops up.
wedding was interesting. will try to upload pics soon and share some stories, edited of course.
oh and we watched mr. magorium this weekend. cute, sad. great movie. nick wants to own it. the colors were amazing.
k. off to walk the guinnea-meister finally out of this funk of crap weather that was this weekend.


wedding anxieties....

tomorrow i have a wedding in the city. that's chicago for those who haven't heard me describe it that way in person!
it's outside.
right now, it's like 40 and raining. scratch that, downpouring. raining freaking cats and dogs. they {the weather peeps} are questioning snow/sleet. what?!
hope that there is a backup plan. so not looking forward to being a popsicle during the ceremony. would take me the whole reception to thaw.
also hoping for parking that's closer than 5 blocks away. ack!
should be an interesting affair. hopefully, lots of nice pictures and i'm sure plenty of crazy stories.
here's a shot of her/their shower gift.

not the best picture. i also got one for us too. have to take a picture of that soon. wait, maybe i did. just have to upload it, i think. shoot. darn brain farts!
here's a link to the website i purchased it from. they have since made some changes which i think is great. i printed off all of the letters and arranged them. now you have a feature where you can see it online. super nice.
oh and i saw the website ages ago on lindsay teague's website.
and i'm being a complete snot. told nick we can give less money since we haven't received a thank you from the shower and deduct the parking fees! you guys think that's fair, right? ;o)



so our weekend of nothingness has turned into a weekend packed full of activities. wah and yay at the same time...
and congratulations to monica!! we are going to napa, sonoma, santa rosa, and san fran. so you win my friend. will hopefully have your present out to you this weekend. lisa, same for you! kelly, i've owed you a pink elsie album since chicago, will try to find a package for that and send it to you for copying off of monica! ha.
if anyone has spent some time in any of the areas we are stopping, any tips and info is appreciated!
off to clean before the busy weekend begins...
and guinness says hi.
the minute we are in the kitchen, he's there. hoping for some scraps or a dropped something!