so much has happened since last post. only a week.
wasn't gonna share. but not sure i can keep it in. i mean, i did start this to get everything out there. and yeah, it's public so it's censored a bit... but what they heck.

saturday morning: got a phone call that my coworkers husband was killed on the job. so, so shocking. just saw him friday. joked with him. laughed. they were only married a few months - are older, she has children from previous relationships... were set to close on a house this past wednesday. has to be out of her place by this weekend. her son is in iraq. a marine. had to figure out how to get him home. worried about her wanting to help but feeling like i'm coming down with a cold. has had sooo much crap in her life it just doesn't seem fair.
nick's dad and girlfriend had planned on coming over... thought it might be good for a distraction, i was nearly in tears for the first half of the day. passed out during the second bourne movie! had lots of mojitos. yummy. hmmm. maybe that didn't help. cold + liquor = sleepy shan.

sunday: cold is here. so sucks. no energy. no voice. can't help coworker. can't help nick take care of puppy.

monday: call off. first time in ages. feel horrible. but i cannot subject my patients to the walking mess that would have been shannon. could have killed someone.

tuesday: a bit better, but no voice. that does me nothing. i talk to people all day. home again. sucked into a project runway marathon on bravo. when the heck are they bringing that show back??

wednesday: have to go to work. have to. going out of my mind at home. wish i had the energy to be productive while i was home. well, i guess i did. tuesday i aleene's my purple onion stamps! ;D
work kicked my ass. not only did i have an extremely sexy voice {note the written sarcasm} i had to deal with my coworkers, doctors, and patients making fun of me! oh well, if i can make someone laugh, why the heck not? and talking to people on the phone. hilarious.
super, super tired. exhausted by 2ish. had to suck it up and go to two wakes. no way i could miss the one for my coworker's hubby. that is just shitty. no matter how i felt. it was how i was raised. what i believe. i'm there to support her. show my respect. my cold is irrelevant. it's not that long. but after being there and crying, i went to another. sigh. a patient. my first patient wake in the four years i have worked here. not sure what it was about this one. just HAD to go. she made me laugh... telling me about her wind blowing off in the parking lot of the grocery store and how she couldn't chase after it because it reminded her of a tumbleweed so she just sat there laughing... maybe it was the family. they were always with her. supporting her. encouraging her. so maybe i went for them. maybe i don't go to more because my patient's families don't come with them. i would just be a face in the crowd. they wouldn't know who i was... this seemed different. so the right thing to do. more tears. more hugs. was good. my sinuses didn't agree. but as a person, i knew that is what i needed to do... even if it was for me and not necessarily for them.

today: back to work. still crap for a voice. nice. told some of my patients i had to yell at some from the day before. they better watch out. ha! way more worn down than yesterday.
spoke to my mom, for the first time in ages, on the way home from work. found out grandma isn't feeling well... still. was in the hospital not too long ago for walking pneumonia. hasn't fully recovered. then had some intestinal issues. fast foward to a phone call from my mom about an hour later... grandma called 911 last night. took her to the er. she has since been admitted.

tonight: hoping to curl up on the couch {maybe snuggle with nick while trying not to contaminate him} and watch the bears tonight...

this weekend: i'm staring friday as the weekend... more work. short day i hope. won't be stopping by the hospital to see grandma. all she needs would be to catch whatever crap i have... love her too much for that. friday evening. nada. sleep, veg, relax. sounds perfect.
saturday: puppy to the vet. yay! more shots... tentative get together at my aunt and uncle's. in limbo tho with grandma being unwell.
sunday: nothing?
monday: dinner with nick's fam. have to figure out details of them building our new deck in the near future...
nick mentioned trying to get to michigan with his family... but with me not feeling well and puppy not sure that's a good combo.

too much.
haven't been to yoga or pilates in about a month. i lie. we might have gotten in one pilates class. hoping that fall brings a less crazy time. this summer has been insane.

so there you go. my week of crap. maybe that's what i should have titled this post. shan's crap week. crossing my fingers it gets better. and sorry if it sounds a bit whiney. so unintentional. but i guess it's my blog so i can do what i want. ;oP

hmmm. and the fiesty shan pokes her ugly head... must be feeling better already. :o)


monsoon season?

our weather has been crazy. severe rains for several days in a row. tornado warnings the whole shebang! nuts. and i have been so exhausted that i have managed to sleep through every single one of them. always been a sound sleeper! ha.
so today, we have a crazy downpour right as i'm leaving work. have a mini umbrella in my purse for emergencies... had to whip that bad boy out. still was quite wet by the time i made it to the car. but then thought about how grateful i was to be wearing scrubs. these suckers dry quickly! love it. so then i started thinking about all the reasons i love wearing scrubs:
-as previously mentioned, they dry quickly.
-drawstring pants.
-low maintenance. shaves a good few minutes off my morning routine. i hate picking out clothes.
and to be fair some drawbacks:
-they are oh so flattering.
-drawstring pants. you don't realize that you have gained weight throughout the week until you try to cram your ass into your regular people clothes. ;o)
-wrinkly buggers. i hate ironing.
-see through ones. grrr.

k. puppy updates. he's doing well. sleeping about 6 hours at night. woohoo. thinking nick and i have a morning schedule all set. our friends are coming over and letting him out during the day. i will be so happy when that is over. i feel like we are totally an inconvience although they are home and said it was no problem.
he is getting huge! up to 16 pounds. that's double in 2 weeks. he can now go up and down the stairs. knows sit. working on his name. have to thank an online buddy for all her help with this little man. suggesting some great books and has given us really helpful hints. so thank you!!

some pictures of the big headed dog... seriously you can't tell in these pics... but it is truly quite large! ;o)

check out his peepers. such sad little ones.

passed out in our bathroom. he loves the tiles. had to put a fan in front of his cage, he was so darn hot all the time!

with his momma. being a good boy before bed. and can i just say, i adore the little strip of white down his nose. so cute!

off i go. i think the monsoons are back...



so glad the weekend is over. felt like last week was a whirlwind. so not fans of those kind of weeks.
looking forward to the new one!
grandma is out of the hospital and feeling way better. sounds better too! poor thing had walking pneumonia. she was totally itching to go home... but waited it out saturday night for her lobster dinner. she cracks me up.
nick and i are official uncle and aunt... his sister had a baby boy thursday. noah. everyone is back home... now to figure out when to visit. forgot the gift on the way to the hospital. nick's dad was going to take it friday after letting guinness out but forgot. today they were heading over there and offered to deliver it. we would have joined them but we had my brother's 23rd birthday party.
took puppy over after we were there a few hours. kinda nice living so close. would have taken him for more and left him out in the yard but it was pouring. so guinness got to meet the family. he did really well. yay. calling to sign him up for puppy training tomorrow. fingers crossed the class isn't full. silly dog knows how to sit but doesn't know his name. ;oP
friday night was fun with friends. love game nights with them. their baby is growing leaps and bounds. looks so big!
was able to get quite a few projects done. trying to figure out a routine between nick and myself and this constantly needing attention dog!
he told me he needs some me time. no kidding. then admitted that he wasn't sure he was ready for kids. phew. glad he's realizing it's a lot of work. i just think since we had this baby spurt over the past year it really hit him.
my thoughts. when it's time, it's time. no worries. totally trying to relax more. go with the flow. remembering to breathe.

hmmm. what else.
-thinking about christmas. gasp. i know. trying to work out projects in my head.
-cut my new purple onion stamps. now to find time to attack them with aleene's.
-finally scheduled for a haircut this week.
-decided we are changing from hard yoga to lazy yoga on thursday nights. had some changes to their locations. mixed up our schedule. looking forward to the change.
-loving my rebel and that stellar new lens. hate taking pictures with my little camera. ;o)
-looking forward to a bourne-a-thon with my father in law and his girlfriend. fingers crossed for this weekend.
-getting excited for our vacation...
-anxious about building our deck.
-okay with not knowing what the future has in store for us. realizing we might stay here since nick's isn't so baby crazy. knowing we don't need more room. that we are okay. we can adjust. loving that our friends and family are SO close.
-enjoying the time we have been able to spend with our loved ones this summer.
-adding to my croc obsession. got me a pair of scootes. woot, woot! i believe my total is now 5...
-needing to buy a rug for in front of our sliding glass door, now that we are constantly in and out with guinness.
-relieved that our kitties are doing alright with their new baby brother. ;o)
-not looking forward to school starting. pass a high school on the way to work... major congestion. will so add a few minutes to my commute!

k. think that's more than enough. time for zzz's.



we've had a lot going on around here.
new puppy is plenty of work.
grandma is in the hospital.
nick's sister is going to have a baby anytime now.
too much.

all is well, just busy. promise to post more this weekend.
thanks for the kind words on guinness. he's actually a pretty good puppy. and it might have convinced nick to not have a baby. ha. ;o)


week long crop.

at rsc. come check it out. it's pretty neat. jen's having it last one entire week. love the longer length. most of the time i feel so rushed in two days, so this will be a nice change!
and there are boatloads of prizes. tons people. just for participating. and there are digi prizes too! not just all paper.
here are the actual details. hope you will come by and check it out!!

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we are now the proud owners of a new puppy!
darn hard to get some good pics while trying to keep an eye on him and the cats... better ones to come. to see all that i snapped today, click here.

so his name is guinness. our 8 pound new addition to the family. totally think it's funny that i can call him lil g. ;o) won't be so little in a bit. we know he has akita in him, otherwise we know nothing. had him checked out by our friend the vet. says he's ship shape. but he does have an upper respiratory infection. lil g is gonna be on some antibiotics for a few weeks. and we bought robitussin so we could sleep tonight. totally didn't know you could give pets robitussin!
he's a doll. so far only one accident and that was dad's fault. and only barked twice-ish.
the cats... well, they are adjusting. i do have a picture of orbit looking exactly like a halloween cat. all arched and tail fluffed. at least, i hope i caught that on film. not that i think he's done being a fluffed up jealous guy. but that's okay! think it's hilarious that the cats don't realize they are being than him. got at least 5 pounds on the guy!

nick has talked about owning a dog for ages. i just never wanted to commit. i gave. started seriously looking a few weeks ago. really, really wanted a pug/beagle mix. love me some puggles. or even just a pug. but nothing was working out. even checked out a mastiff/lab mix. um, hello big dog!
saturday we drove around to local animal shelters and humane societies. found this little guy. signed the papers to adopt, found out monday we were the proud new owners. couldn't pick him up until today. which was good. gave us time to shop for his crate and toys and read up on training him. totally nick's job.
as for his name... i met a dog a while back named guinness. had similar coloring. had it in the back of my mind all these years and with his coloring, it just seemed to fit.

hoping things all work out okay! gonna totally sign mr. guinness up for some puppy training.

i would share more but blogger is being a bugger. sorry. check the flickr ones... he's worth it. ;o)


i know pronounce you...

totally funny movie. helps that i love adam sandler. and the david spade cameos. too much. oh and rob schneider, so effin funny! and ving rhames. oh my goodness. too much!
i think it might help that i wasn't expecting much... i always hate when i'm disappointed for expecting so much. and since we hadn't planned on seeing the movie it worked out alright!
the decluttering is working. still in progress but getting there. had a good weekend. decent mix of play and relaxation. hoping it keeps up!
might have some exciting news to share... should know more tomorrow. and no, it isn't what you are all thinking. ;o)



life has been a bit busy. i mean good busy but still busy. trying to reorganize. regroup. reprioritize.
had a scrapping whirlwind not too long ago and am trying to dig out from that too. i still haven't cracked open the cricut box that came in the mail weeks ago.
wanting to do so much but trying not to become overwhelmed with everything.
kinda silly since it isn't mandatory... but you know. gotta figure out the have to do's, should do's, want to do's and all the other ones in between.
might need a schedule or something. just seems like yoga and pilates are taking up quite some time and it's only two nights a week for an hour-ish. but at strange times. so when we used to be able to meet for dinner, not so much now. but i know that we like it and we need it. i truthfully feel so much better after both classes. just have to shuffle things about.
maybe i need summer to end. it always seems so dang busy. like since the sun doesn't appear for 6 months after that, we have to fit everything in then. okay, not really. but still. i sometimes exaggerate. i might need to put that as a disclaimer somewhere in this blog. or just put an * after embellished thoughts!
in all the craziness have been neglectful of others. want to make sure that no one or nothing gets lost in the piles of life... ourselves included.
crazy, mindless, shannon babble. it's what i do! ;o)