what was i thinking?!

i am soooo not a morning person. always been a night owl. had to set the alarm to make sure i was up in time for the 3-11 shift. sad, i know. and you would think that after three years of days at my current job i would be all set. nope. still have those late night tendencies. those early morning grunts to my cheery coworkers after countless good mornings...
so why on earth would my silly self volunteer to come in any earlier? because i'm a twit that's why.
our office hours are 8-5ish. but a few people get there early {7:30} to open the office: clear off faxes, run the cbc machine, finish paperwork... me, i am draggin my sorry self in with minutes to spare. now when my manager is off, i take her place and fill in those hours but that's only for a week and it about kills me!
today i kinda made some smart butt shannon comment and said that i would probably regret this and then proceeded to offer to come in early to pick up someone else's hours. doh. my boss was thrilled and said yes. well, come to find out she knows i'm not a big morning person and was already planning on asking me to do this. so me volunteering made her job easier!
now i know a half an hour might not seem sooo drastic. but seriously. i love to sleep. this doesn't really go into effect until july. so i have a month of late mornings. my boss if off next week, so i'll get my trial run and then have a bit of a rest.
it's kinda funny how when i started i dreaded being there at 9. now i wish i could sleep that late!


so you think you can dance...

love this show! nick and i are soooo excited that it's back on. not sure if it's watching the crazy silly dancers that are beyond terrible or the anticipation of being able to see someone really good.
i love that he watches it with me. so glad he has that dance background eventhough i make fun of him for it! ;o)
this is a bad clip from a great show... watch it. give it time. you'll know it when you see it! and yes, i'm a horrible person because i continue to laugh when i see it...


kitty porn.

yes. my cat is a pornstar.
fine, so she may be grooming herself... but it's much funnier to think that she isn't!

and yes, that is my husband laughing like a silly fool in the background. i'm trying to restrain myself...


frisbees suck.

my lovely husband wanted to pass some time on saturday and he convinced me to go out and throw the frisbee around. and goodness gracious... my arm is SORE! pathetic i know! took me a while to figure out what it was too! i guess in my defense it was a giant frisbee that acted more like a boomerang with the wind....
maybe it's a hint that i should throw in some weights to the mix while i am at the gym and stop doing strictly cardio! stacey, what do you do?? ;o)


self esteem...

not one of my strong suits. i wish i was more confident, had less insecurities. i mean, i know everyone has them. well, at least i hope everyone has them. it would make me feel a bit more normal. ;)
i don't think i was always this way. kinda one of those things that sneaks up on ya. you endure four years of high school. four years of competitive dancing/color guard. four years of lots of pressure on looks and figures. four years of being told that a size six is fat.
now i've been away from that far more than the years i was in it and for some silly reason, some of these thoughts, these silly ideals or standards remain with me. i know they are wrong and i have a husband who tells me i'm beautiful on a regular basis... but i still doubt it. and it's sad.
i think it's sheer craziness that i have a hard time accepting it considering i know how bizarre i am for believing it. i need to relearn what was engrained into my brain.
it could also be why i'm enamored with the dove campaign for real beauty.
i mean, how great is this?! i love that they are embracing our differences. isn't boring to have everyone be 5'7" 125 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. i also think it's great to focus on inner beauty. i'm a huge fan of that. seriously, i know people who others think are drop dead gorgeous, but they are the meanist, nastiest person ever. so not pretty to me. but take someone who doesn't fit into the standard beauty category but is the kindest, most generous person. that's beautiful!
i totally need to buy some dove products to try and get one of their shirts. or even just donate.
read about this book on cathy z's blog. i think i need it. gonna call borders tomorrow before i leave work and see if they have it in.
gonna try to be more brave. go out there and try something and try not to be afraid of failure. to know it's okay to not succeed. that not succeeding doesn't equal failure. but opens us to growth and new opportunities and gives us much needed life experiences.


sun shiney day!

ah, is everyone singing the brady bunch now? ;)
anywho. today's the first day we saw the sun in about 5 days. we supposidly have another crummy stretch headed this way. the 5 day forecast shows nothing but rain...
today was wonderful! nick and i headed downtown to see spamalot. not sure what i expected since i had never seen any of the monty python movies... but it was a good time. we got there early, so we had a chance to walk around. thankfully, the sun decided to peek it's head out! i was nervous we were going to get there and not want to walk around in the icky weather.
we went to millenium park. so fun! i had always wanted to go and we never had the opportunity. the cloud gate was super cool. got some nifty pictures!

the one is from the reflection of the dome. way cool. could totally spend more time up there just walking around. might have to file that in our summer to do list! maybe we will brave the taste this year. the fountains there would be much more refreshing on a hot day. my toes were frozen after a quick walk thru!


i owe ya...

pictures. i know i promised them, but i'm not sure nick has hooked up the camera dock to this killer new computer!
so i just want to warn all my peeps about one of the worst movies i have ever seen. silent hill. blech. yawn. laugh. horrible. my friend tom is banned from picking movies. seriously, half way thru we just couldnt' help ourselves any longer. we started cracking jokes and laughing during what was supposed to be a quite scary horror film. the 5 others in the theatre agreed. terrible. so there. you are warned.
otherwise, last night was fun. went to bw3 with some friends. was nice. yogurt. okay his real name is brian, is heading to colorado saturday. it was great to spend some time with him. we are thinking about going to a dave concert in june. we shall see. lots to figure out. sounds like a blast. a weekend of drinking, camping, friends, and good music. and those were listed in no particular order! :0)


cinco de blogoversary...

who knew cinco de mayo was also my blogging anniversary?!
i totally meant to post something then, but those stinking margaritas got the best of me. that and the killer week we had. i was asleep by 6pm. i'm such an old person! yesterday was spent doing some scrapping and cleaning and then we hit a bar to watch a friend. good times! hope to share some silly pics later. gotta love it when the drunkards take your camera and come back with silliness! and today we are celebrating mother's day with my side of the family. should be fun. and yummy good food.
good food + good people = good times!

i truly can't believe it has been a year. i wasn't sure if i should start this silly little thing, but honestly am glad i did. it's nice to be able to vent. to get this out there. to talk about nonsense!
and thanks to everyone for reading it!


oncology nurses day.

happy day to me. and happy nurses week to all you nurse readers? are there any? susan, do you read this silly thing?
so the manager for our office got us all little cards. so sweet and thoughtful. totally unnecessary but totally made our days!
i have to admit that i'm shocked that i'm in oncology. still. period. at all. definitely not what i thought would be my thang. funny how life works. so happy to be here. to be in oncology. working with some of the most amazing patients. yes, we do have some mighty darn difficult ones too... but seriously no one wants to hear that 'c' word so it's understandable.
i thought i would miss med-surg a whole heck of a lot more. i mean, the cases can be extremely interesting. the surgeries down right cool. the fast paced energy of a critical situation. the skills. but oncology is rewarding on so many other levels. so worth the switch. not to mention, the better hours, pay, work atmosphere.
but it all comes back to the patients. sure, they can be anxious and tentative at first. who can blame them? but then they get to know and trust us. to laugh with us. share with us. cry with us. sooo great. to see them actually smile or laugh in the office. to see them make friends and support groups for one another.
and yes, a lot of our patients die. but it's nice to know that we maybe somehow made a difference. it's also nice to have closure. to know that where-ever they may be now they are okay. that i don't lose track of a patient and wonder what ever happened to them. i know morbid. but what do you expect from the girl who reads the obits every morning before going to work.... :)

so i bought myself a gift in the spirit of the week. okay, not really. but the darn computer broke and we had to go out and buy a new one last night. alright. both of our computers broke. totally frustrating. so now we just have to get nick's working. mine's toast. hopefully, we might be able to figure out how to salvage the hard drive. who am i kidding... that nick and my bro. or nick and his dad. or nick and his uncle. can figure it out!
so thanks to everyone who helped me with lost links. and if you think of any more that i should need, please send them my way!!!


little bits...

  • husbands who leave smart ass blog comments. kel, i think we have some winners. nicholas, yes, gbof was only $7.50 a month. but i quit that one to join another, duh. ;) hoping that i was being a good girl by only having one ribbon club a month. and this one matches my kit. so pffth. {for those of you confused. read his smarty pants comment from two posts ago.}
  • 36 flights of stairs in 10 minutes. is that a good thing? i've added the darn stairmaster to my workout regime. by that regime, i mean... eliptical and situps! figured i needed to spice it up a bit and you do not have time to be bored on that thing. the elipitical... even at a crazy speed i can have random thoughts. but not on that stairmaster. too sweaty and sore to think!
  • i really like this whole dt thing. it actually forces me to scrap. yes, i'm a terribly lazy person. and i love seeing everyone's creations. great bunch of ladies!
  • i still need to develop photos from this year. oy. i think i'm dreading it because now they are piling up!
  • how can anyone work out and not sweat? makes me angry. oh and don't get me started on this little honeys who put on makeup and do their hair. seriously, it upsets me. maybe i'm jealous. i mean i'm the sweat queen when it comes to work outs!
  • we had the calm before our storm this weekend. didn't leave the house. well, we did bowl on friday with kevin and his friends. i love brothers! had a great time. missed the grey's party. but did watch it live and see elizabeth klaviter as a writer. how fun! now we have to get ready for the craziness that will take over our weekends for the month of may. i cannot wait for memorial day. then it means the busy season is over! i hope! ;)