at a loss for words....

i am just blown away by the devastation that katrina has caused the south. i am glued to the television and internet whenever i have a spare moment. i just cannot seem to fathom it. yes, i understand the amount of destruction but to think of an entire city submerged in 15-20 feet of water is just mind boggling.
my thoughts are with anyone who lives there or has friends or family affected by this storm. i have a friend who evacuated new orleans and is now on her way here because she has no where else to go down there. i hope she has something left to go back to when the water receeds.
i have a patient who's entire family lives in mississippi. she is the only one that lives here. she said that they evacuated for the hills, so they are all okay. her sister in law is a nurse and when she got off of her shift she managed to sneak by their house. well, what was their house. she said there is nothing left.
so sad, so heartbreaking, so undescribable. i cannot imagine losing all of my worldy posessions. i know it's just 'stuff' but it's also the home where someone created memories. built their family.
and the level of destruction...our tsunami as they say. i say worse. a tsunami didn't have sustained winds of over 100 mph. now don't get me wrong, i'm not arguing that it wasn't a totally devastating occurance but to me, this just seems so much worse.
i'm not there. i don't know. but it's all what i'm taking away from what i read and see and hear. just a perception. a thought. i hope that they can find more survivors. that the damage isn't as bad as they say. but i know that in actuallity it will probably be worse.
nick and i have talked about donating. now we are just trying to figure out how much and to which charity. i feel like i should be doing more but i know that there isn't much i can do. that money talks. so we will figure it out....


a fun little date day!

so nick and i actually had a date day. just the two of us, no interruptions! so fun, so expensive! we started off saturday by going to the museum of science and industry. i wanted to see the bodyworlds exhibit and nick is a video game freak so we decided to check out the game on one too!
the game on exhibit was so much fun. nick was in heaven. video games all around! we had a blast playing all the different games. it was crazy to see how it all started and they had some ideas for games of the future. very cool.
i was kinda let down by bodyworlds. don't get me wrong, it's absolutely amazing. but it was so darn crowded. there were people everywhere! i know we probably shouldn't have picked a saturday to go but that was our only option! besides the crowdedness...it was mind boggling. it did give me flashbacks to the old days of anatomy and physiology in college. i almost broke out in a sweat thinking i was going to be quized on all of this information in the end! the bodies were too freakin cool. how they positioned them. what they were able to show. how the heck they were able to do it.
after the museum we headed to the john hancock building. went to the top of the cock! neither nick nor myself had been up to the viewing deck. was super cool. could see everything. we lucked out and had a pretty clear day. got some cool pics of us...well, the shadow of the building. have a lo in my head already! :) we walked to water tower afterwards. i wanted a kenneth cole purse. but they didn't have it...boo! i guess it's for the better. not like i NEEDED it!
had an awesome dinner at the cheesecake factory. another first for me. not sure how or why it is that i have never eaten there before. considering nick's mom lived downtown for a few years! oh well, so good. had awesome pesto pasta and nick had the ribeye. we were both so full we had to take our cheesecake to go!
got home watched garden state. nick hated it. i didn't mind it. so fun to know that it was just the two of us all day long. that we had no one else to worry or think about! well, nick was on call but thankfully he didn't get any calls!
today was k's birthday party for the family! i'm such a party pooper. i slept on the couch for most of it. i told ya, i'm getting old. now just relaxing...dreading going to work tomorrow! ;)

the only pic of nick and i from our fabulous date day! it's not real! they take your pic infront of the green screen before you get on the elevator to go to the observatory. thought it was pretty cool. nick's mad that i'm holding all of our stuff! but i think it gives it character!



definitely not in vegas. lol! :)

the five of us in the vip lounge...

me and kevin...

mom and nick...

dad and me...don't i look tired!? and isn't he silly! love this pic. he is never this animated!

out of shape.

no not in that way. well, yes. i am out of shape in that sense too. but this is all about my drinking, partying days and ways. they are so over.
last night nick and i went out with my mom, dad, and brother to celebrate his 21st birthday. we went to the boats. my parents are crazy addicted. they are always on the darn things! so they decided we should go since we celebrated my 21st there.
it was a blast. we snuck into the vip area and had a few too many! mom and dad are drinking champs! i always knew my dad could hang but my mom kinda impressed me....only because it took her two drinks before she was a wee bit drunk instead of her usual one! we were finally able to meet their favorite bartendress. is that even a word? my mom insists on calling her that. she was very fun! she even shares my birthday!
the dinner was entertaining. went to the buffet. kev and nick hit the mongolian wok. mom, dad, and myself stuck with the regular buffet. the food was good. i think the company was even better. it's kinda strange hanging with the parents. i guess it's that change from parent to friend kinda thing. i mean they are always your parents but at one point you see them differently. something just clicks. they become more human. does this even make sense? well, hearing them talk and tell their stories just makes them more real. and easier to understand. let me tell you, my father is not the easiest man in the world to get along with but he has had one heck of a journey. i guess everyone has. it's just taking the time to get to 'know' the real them. why they are who they are. sorry. off on a shannon tangent.
back to the gambling. well, nick and i stunk. i was ahead at video poker. mind you, i was not nearly brave enough to hit the real tables. that and i so hate gambling. i would rather spend the money on something concrete. i know gambling gives you the chance to make more but forget that chance. i want the odds on favorite. to know 100% that i'm getting something for my dollar. not just sitting there blindly inserting money into a machine. so not my thing.
mom was absolutely hilarious. she told us the odds on all the machines. knew were everything was. knew the bonus levels for each machine. she cracks me up! not sure if anyone came out ahead except kevin. i think it was $10! but mom did slip us all $10 each so we didn't do too bad! we left an hour or so before they did. had to take a 3 hour nap to recover! i was so tired and draggin butt at work today. what happened to me? i used to be able to do this every night of the week. ah, the good ole college days. where does time go?
gonna upload and share some photos....can't wait to scrap them. but the developing will wait. we have the museum tomorrow and k's party sunday!


addicted to poker.

i have a problem. i'm obsessed. now i don't actually gamble but i'm obsessed with watching it. i love it. been watching espn, gsn, and the travel channel for my fix. doesn't matter if it's professional or celebrity. if it's on, i'm sucked in.
kinda scary, i'm actually learning the odds and the science of betting. i so dont' think i could be good at it in real life. i would have a heck of a time bluffing. that and i tend to believe everyone. so i could never pick out the bluffer! :)
nick thinks i should play online and make some money. little does he know, i would probably lose it all! tomorrow we are heading to the boats to celebrate my lil bro's 21st again. i need to stay away from the tables. at least with money in hand, i would love to sit and watch in person. observe everyone's tells, habits.
maybe poker is so interesting to me because i'm such a people watcher. not that i would actually log it in my brain how they reacted to a certain situation...i just love watching the reaction period. i really don't like psychology so where the heck does this come from?


where does time go?

i hate the fact that time seems to fly by the older you get. time flies. it stinks. i cannot believe that it is almost september. that is just mind boggling! oh well, i guess next summer will be here before i know it!
this past week was busy. every day at work is busy. that is a given. i just like to come home and unwind and it stinks when i can't. this week i had a tastefully simple party wednesday night. it went sooo well. i have never had an in home sales party of any sort. so this was a major first. i had a ton of loud ladies crammed into my dining and living room. maybe 30ish. it was hot, fun, and a total success. everyone loved it. i sold over $1100 worth of product and the party isn't closed yet. monday, i hope! so i get a ton of free stuff. i'm gonna do some christmas shopping and stock up my cabinets. i love the bacon, bacon! i'm so excited for my consultant. it was her first party over the $1000 mark. she makes their newsletter! i can't wait to see it!
yesterday i went to a surprise 21st birthday party. it was nice. good to see some people i haven't seen in ages. my godparents and their children....i call them my godbrothers. is that weird? anywho. while we were there we chatted a lot with my parents. told and heard some funny stories. it was good times!
today and tomorrow i want to recoup. maybe have a movie night with nick. rounders sounds good. never seen it and have been on a total poker kick lately. thinking of instituting a monthly poker night for the friends....
tomorrow is my lil bro's 21st birthday. i can't believe it. i mean, i can. but it doesn't seem that long ago that i was changing diapers and doing big sister duties. it's cool. he's great. couldn't ask for a better brother! happy birthday k!


sleep deprived...

so i think the business of this past week really caught up to me. i slept for almost 14 hours friday night and got about 10 hours of sleep last night. i knew i was tired but didn't realize i was THAT tired!
it's okay tho. nick and i had a nice, quiet weekend. we decided it was something that we both needed and did absolutely nothing. i love when we can do that. nothing. i know it seems boring but we aren't the type to go out and live it up every night of the week! that and we must rest up for the next few weeks...they are gonna keep being busy!
so i did get some cleaning done. i just love my home that much more when it's clean. i hate the process of cleaning but love the results. i'm almost ready for the tastefully simple party wednesday. just have some minor details...vacuuming {with 2 cats must wait til last minute} mainly. i do have to make the foods. hopefully, i can do the dips tuesday night and nick will bake the breads wednesday when he gets home from work. gosh, do i love him. what other husband would help cook and clean for a party that i'm having. he's wonderful! :)
today i want to run to alsip and buy some fake flowers from the pots in front of the house. this weather has just taken it's toll on my poor little flowers. then we had a massive downpour yesterday and it took out what was standing...they are all drooping over the edges of their containers. grrr. oh well. i'm gonna take carmen's advice and buy me some fake ones! i wish i could be more like martha!
other than that i want to scrap. i signed up for some card swaps and just want to be creative. it's been a while and i think i'm in the moods...so that is always good times!



so this weekend stunk. okay. maybe only sunday. had to move the mother in law again. so darn hot and sticky out. had to stop by two houses before stopping at our final destination and had to move stuff to the 3rd floor. and guess what? no elevator!!
thank goodness for friends. jay and chris were awesome. such troopers. helped us the whole day. and russ and willie each helped at different locations. they are so great. i love and appreciate all of my friends. i'm sure they have no idea but they truly all have a special spot in my heart. may sound sappy but it couldn't be more true!
i love having a core of friends who you know you do not have to see or talk to constantly yet they will be there for you in a minute. it is so hard as life goes on. work and families come in the way and priorities rearrange. you can't keep going to the bars and hanging out. responsibilities and finances interfere...it stinks but it makes me cherish our time together that much more. same goes for family. i know we are born with a family so in a way we are stuck but for the most part, i'll keep mine! ;)
back to the exhausting part...remind me if nick and i decide to relocate that we will hire movers. or an entire army or fleet of people. not just 6!! how about we sell the house as is and buy everything new and just have it delivered. am i the queen of lazy or what?
thankfully, we finished before 3 and were able to crash with jas and chris. ate some good mexican, endulged in some margaritas, and i finally saw the last star wars. episode 6! i know, i know. i haven't seen them before...i must live on a different planet. especially considering my husband is a sw junkie! but i held out and watched them in order numerically. 1 thru 6. my favorites were 3 and 6.
now i just got to get nick to see charlie and the chocolate factory with me. loved the movie when i was younger and just finished the book. so movie here i come. i just hope i can manage that now that deuce bigalow european giglo is out...i know that is nick's vote! haha.
enough rambing...off to let the mind rest!


guilty pleasures...

we all have them. it's okay. i'm not afraid to share some of mine....trashy magazines. love them. i totally shouldn't but i can't help it. they are a must on any long distance trip! it's great. one of my coworkers and i argue over who is going to read the us weekly or people magazine first. :) we have found a new obsession lately....a blog. pink is the new blog
this site is sooo funny to me. it totally fulfills one of my guilty pleasures daily and with the added commentary. gotta love it. well, maybe only if you are into the gossip!
but back to my magazines. well, they have totally turned me off on one of my celebrity crushes. brad pitt. ah, poor jen. i understand that we don't know all of the details or any for all we know. we just know they are no longer. it so bummed me out when i heard the news. they were quite possibly the cutest couple ever. i just couldn't possibly imagine my life playing out in front of the entire world. so, at times, i do feel a wee bit of remorse for this guilty habit. but i don't think it's gonna stop me...
a second guilty pleasure... a bunch of mtv shows. i love punk'd. so mean and cruel yet so friggin hilarious. i would hate it anyone did that to me, but i love watching it happen to someone else. mean, i know. then real world. now it really varies on this one. i usually don't like them. but this season {austin} has me absolutely hooked. the one that gets me EVERY stinkin time?? any of the real world vs. road rules challenges or battle of the sexes. omg, i love them. why? i haven't the foggiest. lemme tell you it isn't because my life lacks drama. maybe it's just because i don't have to be a part of all that drama....who knows!

now those are just two that i can think of and that i want to admit to at this time! :)


we are the champions...

ahh. we won our volleyball tournament. so nice. i will post pictures of our sweaty selves as soon as the director emails them to me. so it was hot and gross but so fun. i admit. i hate going to play. i dread thursdays. dispise them. complain all day at work that i want it to rain and i don't want to go....then i get there and just play. i guess it's my laziness coming out. i just don't want to do it but when i'm actually up and doing it, i don't mind so much. does that make any sense?
so winning a tournament is a first for us. we always dominate throughout the season and then suck it up in the end. we just get in our heads. silly us. but tonight we finally figured it out. not sure how, but we did!
it was a brutal few matches. i literally had swamp ass. we've always joked about it, but i'm the only one who actually had it. so this is how it went...i hauled bootay after a mis hit and dove into the grass along side the court. well, there was a puddle there from the rains earlier in the day and i came out muddier than heck. we didn't get the point or it SO would have been worth it, but it was still fun. and qutie the joke of the evening.
anywho. i'm so proud of us. it was a 6 person league and we won with just the 4 of us!!! we only lost i think 3 or 4 games all season and that included when we played with only 3 people. it;s a lot to live up to next year.....but so fun and rewarding to know we did our best! okay. i'm plum tuckered out...off to bed! maybe i should hit the bath to soothe these aching muscles....